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Stray dogs attack and injured seven persons in Kangan
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Stray dogs attack and injured seven persons in Kangan

Post by Umar Raina on Saturday, May 27, 2023

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Stray dogs Friday attacked and injured seven persons in Kullan area of Gund in Central Kashmir's Ganderbal district.

Reports said that a group of stray dogs attacked and injured atleast seven persons including some women.

The Injured have been identified as Amina Begum (65), Zahoor Ahmad (40), Mugli (70), Maryam (60), Abdul Aziz (65), Gh Ali (70), Akhtar all the residents of Kullan Gund in which Ab Aziz Najar S/o Ab Rehman, Amina Bano W/o Bashir Ahmad Sheikh and Zahoor Ahmad Sheikh S/o Bashir Ahmad Sheikh have referred to SDH Kangan for further treatment.

Locals said that the incident caused terror among the locals.

A health officer from PHC Kullan said that we have recieved atleast 7 dog bite cases today After giving treatment to the patients along with an anti-rabies vaccine and anti-rabies serum three persons including a women were referred to SDH Kangan for further treatment.

According to locals, there are thousands of dogs in Ganderbal,Beehama,Duderhama, Gund,Kullan,Gagangir,Ganiwan,Rayil,Sumbal,Margund and Kangan, Lar , Chount Waliwar areas and it seems that the authorities have no way to control them.

They alleged the menace of stray dogs in the entire Ganderbal district has become a cause of concern not only for residents but also for the authorities who have so far failed to put a check on their growing population.

The pic used in this story is a file photo

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