Young, multi-talented Anantnag innovator seeks Govt’s support to realize his dream

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Young, multi-talented Anantnag innovator seeks Govt’s support to realize his dream

Shafat Mir

Dooru (Anantnag):

 A 20-year-old youth, Naik Qayoom, hailing from Kreeri village of Dooru town in Anantnag district is a living example of how talented the Kashmiri youth is, and if provided a proper platform can do wonders in the field of science.
While most of the boys of his age can be seen wasting their time in unnecessary things, Qayoom along with his team of five boys remains busy in experimenting and innovating in a make shift laboratory at his home, where they spend days and nights in creating something unique and useful.
Qayoom’s hard work and passion have already achieved him his rare feat, an award at IIT Delhi which he calls as his biggest achievement till date.
“When I received an award at IIT Delhi, it was the most memorable moment and my biggest achievement for me. I have also received several awards in various science awareness competitions in our state”, says Qayoom.
This young genius has dedicated all his time for innovations, along with his team mates, who often collect their pocket money to buy items required for the experimenting.
“The way boys collect money for buying cricket items for any team, we instead contribute our pocket money to buy the stuff for experimenting. The reason is there are no investors for the work we do and the government departments are also not interested or the process of securing funds is tedious”, adds Qayoom.
Qayoom, an innovator, a software developer and a teacher, is always keen to learn something new. He has been very interested in experimenting since his early age and at the age of 12, Qayoom invented a ‘Field helper’, a kind of a wooden box, which can be used for thinning of paddy saplings in waterlogged farms.
“When I was in 6th class, I succeeded in creating my first innovation, a ‘Field helper’. It is a kind of a wooden box, which can be used for thinning of paddy saplings in waterlogged farms”, he says.

To get the recognition, Qayoom has now formed a science club along with his friends and team mates, ‘Shining Star Innovation Club’, a place where he not only does his own experiments for innovations but creating a platform for aspiring innovators.
“I have formed my own Science Club with an aim to provide a platform to other budding innovators who do not have space and equipment for experimenting. I share my knowledge and expertise with those youth who are now part of this club”, Qayoom says.
Qayoom wants financial and logistical support from the Government and a single Lab where he and his team mates can be able to experiment something new and innovative.
“I spend most of my time in my lab established at my home in order to come up with various solutions and innovations that could help society at large. The support from government is vital as most of the times our team finds it hard to buy the material required for creating innovations”, says Qayoom.
My Science club has been able to gather students from high schools and higher secondary schools and with the passage of time many students have joined his club. My club recently got registered with Vigyan Prasar, an autonomous organization under Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, which is meant for fostering science clubs throughout India, adds Qayoom.
The two prominent innovations of Qayoom are Envocleaner and Biwinnower plus Electric Generator.
“Envocleaner is an air purifier that cleans industrial gases, like methane, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide by absorbing them. Bicycle-Bi-Winnower plus Electric Generator can be used for winnowing husk from grains by pedalling cycle continuously which in turn generates electricity as well,” said Qayoom.
Recently Qayoom built a Robot, which works on voice recognition system and can also be controlled via mobile phone.
Apart from these innovations, Qayoom is currently working on Sowing Machine, rice separation machine, fertilizer spreading machine, bag security, apple taking machine. His main idea is to help farmers and common workers by his innovations.
When I did my first innovation, my parents didn’t support me. They told me instead of wasting time I should concentrate on studies. In frustration, I destroyed my first innovation, says Qayoom.
But with time, my family became quite supportive, he adds.
Qayoom, a 10 2 pass out has sought admission in a local Polytechnic college and is intending to carry on his work along with his studies and is hopeful of government support, so that youth do not face any hurdles in creating innovations.







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