We don’t want Kashmir to become Syria: KRG

Published at July 18, 2017 12:53 AM 1Comment(s)19359views

Riyaz Bhat


A group of youth representing an NGO, Kashmir Reform Group (KRG) on Monday staged a silent protest demonstration here in Press enclave against the interfering of ‘neighboring countries’ in Kashmir crisis.

The youth were demanding the dialogue from all stake holders to save the Kashmir from destruction.
President and member of KRG, Khurram Qadir said, “We have gathered here for the reason after reading the news of the intervention of China into the Kashmir issue and lot of international powers are willing to intervene which scared us as we have seen through the media what is happening in different countries of Middle East.”
Some of the KRG protesting youth said that, “We are here to appeal to all the stake holders to have a dialogue and shun ego as we believe that humanity is bigger than ego so we want all of them to come and sit to find a feasible solution keeping the history, damages caused by the conflict and reality of Kashmir into the consideration.”
Qadir while lamenting on the Intervention of neighboring countries into the Kashmir issue said, “To secure the Kashmir from the destruction youth of the KRG are willing to cooperate and if anything we can do while acting as bridge between to stop this ongoing issues.”
The group of youth chanted, ‘we don’t want Kashmir to become Syria.’
The protesting youth of KRG were displaying the banners which read, ‘Open dialogue with all stake holders’, ‘Down with NC’, ‘Down with BJP-PDP alliance’ and ‘We don’t want Kashmir to become Syria’ “We don’t want to Kashmir to become same as Syria.’



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