Valet parking

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Valet parking

Among the mega infrastructure projects that are at present in the construction phase, the road widening from Abdullah Bridge to Mehjoor Nagar is one. With an estimated cost of about Rs 28 crore, the road widening project was delayed by months due to the illegal occupation and encroachment of the road area. With the SMC shifting its gears due to mounting pressure earlier, the demolition drive was initiated with the objective of clearing the obstructions that lied in the path. The drive was successful, but the road area that has been freed from the encroachers is now being used as a free parking space in an area that has witnessed mushrooming of hotels lately. The area now witnesses more traffic jams as irresponsible vehicle owners have shrunk the road size, using the extra space as roadside valet parking. The same has been observed at prime locations of the city, for instance the Residency Road and more precisely the Press Enclave where an SDA parking is under construction. Despite the road demarcations, vehicles can be found parked on either side of the road with the owners busy making the purchases. When the mechanized parking lot in Lal Chowk was thrown open by the development authority, it raised expectations. However, it fell short of the expectations as a smaller number of people park their vehicles in the lot. Most still flout the rules and resort to wrong parking whenever they get an opportunity. With the towing vehicle making rounds in the city and an active traffic department force, an order was restored for some time. But the chaotic days in the city have returned with the relapse of the offenders. Once again there are hopes pinned to the new parking lot behind the Press Enclave that has taken many months, and probably will take many more considering the speed of work. Whether it would help in assuaging the situation cannot be said with certainty, but the snarl-up can be prevented if traffic authorities depute personnel to watch the movement at this particular spot. It is one of the more known bottlenecks in the city. A temporary signboard for disallowing vehicles other than those of the journalists was put up, but it didn’t come handy. Since SDA is the responsible authority that is constructing the parking lot, it needs to stop vehicles that are looking for the parking space. All city roads will be turned into valet parking if authorities don’t come to action soon.       


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