Unscheduled power cuts hits Kashmir industry: FCIK

Published at November 23, 2017 12:28 AM 0Comment(s)3375views

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 Federation Chamber of Industries Kashmir (FCIK) has criticized government for effecting unscheduled power cuts to Industrial Estates of the valley.
In a statement, FCIK said the power outage has brought Kashmir Industry to the brink of closure.
“The sector which was already under stress due to varied reasons is being pushed to the wall by unscheduled power cuts even during the routine working hours. The augmentation of power infra structure to the organised industrial sector of the state and the demand of a dedicated 33kv circuit for the purpose has been ignored by the PDD.”
FCIK said the bosses in the PDD have failed to understand the importance of industry in the modern day economy of the state that’s why power supply to industry is not being taken seriously by them and the designated industrial feeders emanating from different grid stations and receiving stations are casually manned by unprofessional switch board assistants.
“Power Development Department is requested to sensitize itself and understand the importance of uninterrupted quality power supply to the organised industrial sector of the valley and refrain from snapping the power supply to industry in a casual manner.”
It said power crisis in the valley wouldn’t be dismal had the department taken timely action to restore the damaged transmission towers on Kishenpore Pampore line.
“The power infrastructure of the valley has been ignored as the handling capacity of the sector has not been enhanced resulting in the present day power crisis.”
FCIK also requested the finance minister to look into the matter of arears of sick industry a special mention of which was made in the current year budget speech. The modalities of payments to sick industry matter needs special attention of the concerned quarters as the exercise for the New Year’s budget are already afoot.
The points were raised during the administrative council meeting of FCIK presided over by the President Mohammad Ashraf Mir and held at FCIK House Sanat Nagar


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