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Dear Editor,

This is in response to the news report titled “India rejects UNHR chief's criticism on Rohingyas, HR situation in JK”, published in Rising Kashmir on September 13. The problem with Indian government now is that it thinks that it can get away with everything like powerful countries such as the America and Israel. The BJP government has revealed itself in two ways. The Indian foreign minister has been given huge space in media on issues where it concerns Indians living or working outside India, mostly the Hindus. From getting back these people to India safe and sound to highlighting their problems BJP government has left no stone unturned to highlight their plight. But when it comes to Muslims, the government has a different view. From ignoring the human rights violations of Rohingya Muslims in their home country and in India to persecution of Muslims by cow vigilantes, the government has kept mum most of the times. In Jammu which has become the new bastion for right-wing Hindus and BJP, some elements have been issuing death threats to Rohingya Muslims. Indian Prime Minister for days and weeks did not utter a word of condemnation after Muslims were attacked and killed for possessing or consuming beef. It is time that International Community conducts its own investigations on Indian soil to reveal how the country is faring on human rights violations. Kudos to UNHR!

Murtaza Amin  



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