Understanding paradox about Valley

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To understand K-issue is not difficult thing but addressing uncertainty related with the issue had made it waxed issue

Understanding paradox about Valley

Prof.Firdoos Ahmad Itoo

Kashmir, the treasure of grief, usually witness events incidents and accidents on routine bases, hence, had become vulnerable to violence related incidents.

This uncertainty of surroundings had actually engineered the behaviorwhich people write as "a paradox in Valley".

Movements can never be driven by frugality but are directed by capability, credibility and communication. 

Hence, it becomes imperative for the inhabitants to come forward and try to help their people to get out of this what they call as "complexity of multi layered quagmire of Kashmir."

Coming forward and challenging the existing set up in all it's manifestations can be detrimental for the person who otherwise can enjoy the aura of elite classes.

Hence, it is important to think over that does such person deserves Pat on the shoulder or should he be discouraged by people who are supposedly considered to inherent the place. The Dynamics of the world had totally changed, therefore, it is important for awaken one to accept pragmatic approach with all the enthusiasm.

Let optimism prevail and may it build notion vis-a-vis conscience were one may appreciate the other and believe in agree to disagree formula.    

Probably it is better to understand that Idealistic posturing inculcates din of rhetoric and do insulate the path to the extent that possibilities within impossible turn more fade and absurd.

Standing toll on principles one set for himself indeed turn difficult in this technocratic world during the times when the 'self-claimers of prophetic path' flood your wall with all the abusive and slang language.

And that is where the polity of day-to-day governance and the politics of larger aspiration are mixed the way that it seems that something above 'my' perception is going here at place for whom I am going to scarify my own heaven!

The wounds inflicted on the people by the people are so deep that most probable outcome of such an approach is considered as the creation of quasi-problems through relationships management. This distinctive concepts and connections make one impressive but others whimsical.

Such things also take one to place were he is forced to think that actually it is  Strategy followed by tactics, a Machiavellian invention, in order fool the already fooled Kashmiri who is facing the brunt of partition from last seven decades.

It is must for the people to realize that at this point of time the need of the hour is analytical perspective in order to understand the canons of the doctrine of passive resistance. Does passive resistance have any chance of success?

Can this passive resistance, both as individual and in mass, is prepared to break an unjust coercive law and take it to the larger consequences?

Pessimism about power of reason is scepticism, relativism and agnosticism. So under such circumstances focus on limitations should be given at least second thought.

Better is to measure, manage, regulate and control all our energy the way that at least it may not be like knocking heads with the concrete wall.

In his book "The Art of Thinking Clearly" Rolf Dobelli writes that "the failure to think clearly, or what experts call a ' cognitive error' , is a systematic deviation from logic - from optimal, rational, reasonable thought and behaviour."

In Valley we all are committed to such errors and if someone is trying to fill up the vacuum our 'Right and left' wing brigade immediately draw their lines to the extent that going other side in search of result oriented movement turns difficult.

Speaking truth and talking pragmatism in my blazing heaven is in itself a very difficult thing. Talking about issue at recognized platforms is taken as an invitation to mishap and trouble.

The complexity of the issue has been increased many folds by the Pseudo-national, primetime debaters, social media  vis-à-vis Non Resident Kashmiris (NRK) who at their peaceful and cozy places issue dictates without giving thought to the reactions commoner faces on ground.

Understanding K-issue is not difficult thing but addressing uncertainty related with the issue had made it waxed issue.

It is better to understand that lowest level of power is muscle power and history is witness to the fact that it is knowledge, wisdom, which play significant role in building up space where from achieving goals become much easier rather than believing that arsenal might is going to solve the problems.

We have to choose education as tool for liberating the pessimistic surroundings and knowledge of our past as our ethical tool in defending our cause. Dealing with issues which are too delicate can't be addressed through the mantra of "my way."

As the news maker is in search of opinions, hence, the one from here would be that what system is going to think about you is not important but it is primarily more important that are you sure that getting associated with political system will allow you to achieve a dignified and logical conclusion to the thirst which you supposedly are ready to quench by the thing which actually is considered as a “dirty game.”

As said that "Power is tolerable only on conditions that it masks a substantial part of itself”,we as your well-wishers hope that masked part may not abandon you somewhere in middle of the marshy land. Hope is the last resort of oppressed ones, hence, let's hope your hope will not die its own death





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