Traffic jams

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Traffic jams

Dear Editor,

Frequent traffic jams in Srinagar has become a major nuisance. On every road can be seen cars that are wrongly parked and street vendors who have even squeezed the footpaths leading to public inconvenience. The traffic authorities look helpless and do not seem to be interested to utilize their powers for obvious reasons. I wonder how traffic cop watch as mute spectators and instead remain busy with passenger transport vehicles despite the fact that their vehicles are halted on the middle of road while they chat with cops. I don’t think people are responsible for the traffic mess but main responsibility lies with the traffic cops who never act tough against the violators.  Had the traffic police cops acted tough by seizing cars/scooters without reservations situation would not be what it is today. This is embarrassing for people especially those who travel in passenger buses. People too have a role to play by parking their vehicles at designated parking lots but this is only possible when they are apprised about the parking slots. Recently a parking lot has been made functional which has parking facility of 300 vehicles, but most of the people are yet to know that a parking facility is available at old KMD bus stand. The superficial check by traffic squads won’t bring any relief to the people.

Mohammad Farooq


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