Towards a smarter city

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Towards a smarter city

Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, Baseer Ahmad Khan, on Thursday inspected the progress of the road widening project from Zero Bridge to Mehjoor Nagar, and the bridge that is being constructed at Mehjoor Nagar. The Div Com also directed SMC to undertake the demolition drive and clear all obstructions that have been hindering the progress. Authorities on Saturday and Sunday spring to action and followed the directions in letter and spirit. It is a welcome step that the state administration has shown some seriousness while dealing with the encroachments that are hampering the development in the city. The corridor that is being created will certainly ease up the traffic in the city, besides road widening in the city has become a common demand. There are many bottlenecks in the city that cause severe traffic snarl-ups. They have been identified and if the pace on different works is maintained some relief may be expected in near future. There is no denying that work on different projects like the Grade Separator at TRC, road widening from Rajbagh to Mehjoor Nagar, construction of the bridge, construction of drains at several places are in progress, yet the administration must not get carried away by complacency and must go for regular inspections if the works are to be completed on time. On the drainage and sanitation problems in the city, heavy rains in the previous week once again laid bare the bitter facts. Water logging in the city has become a chronic problem despite new drains being constructed. Although it may still take some time for the new drains in the city to function properly, there are numerous sites where water gets collected on the surface. The administration has been relying on dewatering pumps, particularly in localities where drains are either blocked or are missing. Better drainage system in the city promises a lasting solution, therefore endeavors in that direction need to be taken up by the government. Besides the Rs 1580 crore Jhelum Tawi flood recovery project funded by the World Bank, the government also has promised to secure the funding for the development of Srinagar and Jammu under smart city project of the government of India. Given the previous record of the authorities, people only hope that funds are utilized in the best possible manner. More importantly, the authorities should not cut a sorry figure and declare the lapse of funds and forward the excuses. If the city can’t be changed for good now, it may not ever be changed at all.              


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