The value of human life

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Nadeem Akram

Kashmir has never really been a normal place ever since India got independence. Violence and unrest which started in 1990s never finished. The untimely deaths of youth, the protests, questionable use of power, human rights violations, murder, rape, brutal torture and worse; Kashmir has seen it all.

 The recent killings in Kashmir point towards much dangerous and horrific situation. These killings are very different from the usual deaths and killings in Kashmir because these were not done by forces neither by suspected militants and neither did they die in clashes or violent protests.

These were the planned murders and had silly reasons and motivations behind them.

I am speaking about the murders in the Valley in very recent times like the most recent Uri gang rape and murder of a very young girl, where a woman plans this whole crime along with her son and his friends.

This is crime of different magnitude because a woman who herself is a mother of a girl waits for her son to gang rape her step sister and mercilessly kills an innocent child and then destroys her body.

In another crime in Baramulla, a boy kills her fiancé brutally accompanied by a woman with whom he was in relationship. This boy did not leave her fiancé because marital contract (nikkah) was signed,so he had to pay compensation for divorce. He preferred brutal murder of a young poor girl.

Even more shocking thing is that the woman culprit who was married and had children, one of them handicap, accepted that the plan was to kill my husband and handicap child and marry my love.

Down south a wife kills her husband in the night along with her lover who was a mosque head (imam). Also in south a child is kidnapped from his house and is slaughtered to death by unknowns, the heart wrenching thing is that the boy was youngest among many sisters.

The horrific sight is that the boy was practically slaughtered with his arm cut with a knife, blade marks on his body and use of acid on 4-year-old child.

Who will forget Kathua gang rape and murder? Where a 6-year-old girl child was repeatedly gang raped, reportedly in a temple. It is also believed that they invited another person from different state to come and rape a child. This horrendous event caught fire when some people tried to defend and justify it.

Recently, a boy in Tangmarg was kidnapped and murdered mercilessly and buried for practically no reason. In another case, a person was killed who lend some money to a person and when the borrower couldn't pay the money back, he preferred to kill the person. The list of these kind of crimes is increasing and it's very frightening.

Yes, crimes do happen in almost every part of the world and in India also and in current situation of our country it seems very difficult to completely seize the crime.

Why am I focusing and emphasizing on these crimes have number of reasons.

Most important being the method and brutality in which these crimes were executed because these are not simple murders, these are brutal and acute cases.

This shows the anger, frustration and fearless courage of people to not only kill a human but go to extreme while doing this.

Have Kashmiris lost the value of human life? Do killings and loss of human lives have no impact on us? These are the basic questions we need to ask ourselves.

The problem is not only in the method of crimes but in reasons of crime and also with the people who are doing it.

In almost every case of this kind, the motivation of crime is not that significant that would lead a person to take such an extreme step.

So, is violent behaviour and extreme reactions inculcating in the characteristics of Kashmiri's? 

The other striking point is that the people doing these crimes are either close relatives or very close friends. Which for me is very scaring because what is the existence of a person without family and friends especially in place like Kashmir?

One of the most heart-breaking issue emerging from these crimes is the way we people react to such dreadful events. The reaction of people reflects as if it all is normal, which it absolutely is not.

If any society accepts such episodes as daily routine and is not bothered by such cases, then I am afraid the future of such society is very dark.

Kashmir is known for its brotherhood, helpful behaviour and humanitarian traits, if our reaction is so soft and ignorant then there are various important questions and issues which are required to be addressed.

It's high time when we need to revisit our activities and our actions so that we could root out such issues. This can happen to anyone. So we need to focus on ourselves and on our society and try to capture the reasons of such crimes.

We need to do much more then to condemn it on social media and feel sorry for the episode. We have to do our extreme best in whatever possible way to address such evils of society. So that Kashmir does not lose value of human life.




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