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Dear Editor,

This is regarding the non-state settlers who come to Kashmir in the disguise of gypsies or sellers of toys and other stuff. I have noticed that non-state subjects are being allowed to do whatever they wish in J&K. There are people from other states who have been visiting Kashmir for years now in search of employment. We have labourers, masons, barbers and now we are surprised to see them having established small businesses like restaurants, become contractors and so. There seems to be no inquiry or investigation from J&K police or any other agency on their settlement here. People of Kashmir are mostly responsible for the mess as they do not want to take up certain professions thereby leaving doors open for everyone. Now butchers and poultry have also gone to the outsiders. Not to forget that every year thousands of beggars from outside the state come to Kashmir as it has become their safe haven. Day is not far when criminals and other kind will find Kashmir the best place to hide and flourish. Every police station has the responsibility of keeping records of all tenants and outsiders who reside in a particular area that comes under the jurisdiction of the station. But nowhere is it seen that the police keep record of these people.

Taha Yasin



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