State had to ignore

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What is the duty of nation or government when epidemic breaks out in any state? 

State had to ignore

Muhammad Suhail Haafiz Cheentsaaz

This has a reference to the write- titled ‘Ignored by the State’ published in Rising Kashmir on Thursday, 07September 2017 by ignorant author Rameez Raja.

Today, once again I was very much distressed to see the media people violating journalism norms by supporting un-ethical journalism to providing room for Tom, Dick and Harry to build Rome.

If cobbler can never be allowed by society to handle open heart surgery or butcher be permitted to solve nuclear equation, how come any one be allowed to comment on religion.

When world is moving towards specialization and specialists have replaced rolling stones, failed to understand, why there is still room available in media lounge for un-concerned people to comment on hypersensitive topics?

Either it is the craze of fifth pillar of democracy which perhaps cannot be queried or atheistic platform is being provided unintentionally by the media fraternity to all religions, whether they analysis, opine, comment or even criticize other religions, they have obtained escape license, “views expressed by author are his own”, and they forget that their license is invalid in hereafter, their each and every word is saved, and will be weighted for fixing their last and eternal destiny, and there is only two option, either fire or flowers.

Publisher’s/editor’s lineage or ignorance cannot save them, and they will be definitely punished for paving corridor to profanity. Now, publisher/editor will take their course at their own, my responsibility was to educate and that is now over.

For his sympathy, I would like to convey that there is law in Islam that is “To support the good or bad is as equivalent as of good or bad”, and I suggest rather advise that in future, before publishing any topic related to Islam it should get checked by righteous scholars of Islam, because editor/publisher may have enough hold on journalism, but religion needs extra-qualification.

For more elaboration, author’s attention is hereby brought towards following lines:

History is witness to the fact that Islam has ever supported/spreads peace and harmony in every region in every era, but Jews and Christians with the help of other black hearted anti-Muslim souls designed the vampire conspiracy to defame Muslims as extremists, like in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Burma, etc, and designed blood bath policies in various countries for their vested interests.

The so-called modernists have also not left any stone unturned in defaming righteous scholars of Islam, because they don’t like interference in their unchaste way of life, they want to live Jewish style with Muslim title, which can never be accepted in Islam.

Hence they attempted to call righteous scholars as radicals, fundamentalists, extremists or else – shame on their dual character and wild motives.

Islam respects all races, colour, region and language except apostates and modernists, besides inviting other religions to accept Islam, because it is only Islam which advocates and propagates complete peace and harmony for every creature in this universe.

Muslims have waived success flag in each and every field pertaining to the welfare of society, whether it is philosophy, chemistry, science, arithmetic, medicine, publications, engineering, physics, sociology, poetry, cosmology, astrology, polity, education, law, jurisprudence etc and majority among them were strong believers of religion who credited their success to Almighty.

One who cannot understand the divine laws can never help the society by manmade laws, principles and formulae. Religion matters most and Islam is above to all other religions. Infact, “There is no religion but Islam” and I feel proud to be a Muslim and feels pleasure to crush apostates and Ahmadis as they are hidden enemies of peace.

Myopic vision of Rameez has attempted unsuccessful approach in producing unacceptable objection regarding Dr. Abdus Salaam and Zafrullah Khan of Pakistan who were punished by the nation rather to be rewarded.

Rameez is unaware or perhaps has forgotten the universally accepted rule that no nation will accept or praise any contribution of any traitor irrespective of its quantum of benefit to the nation.

Hundreds of examples can be scrolled in our chronicles, where politicians, doctors, engineers, civil servants, philosophers, sportsmen were punished when they were found as violators of law or traitor or threat to the national security.

Nation did not consider their contribution while announcing punishment. Here it was a mere case of national security, and what about when there is violation to the divine laws? And when matter of concern is citizen’s Imaan.

Divine laws are acceptable to all mature and sane persons except atheist, apostates and lunatic souls. Dr. Abdus Salam and Zafrullah Khan were traitors, their plan was to massacre the Imaan of Pakistani nationals, they were agents of Ahmadis, and their aim was to spread Mirzaayat in Pakistan.

As stated by the author in his article, Zafrullah Khan raised Kashmir issue at United Nations (UN).  He did not raised the issue of Kashmir in UN on humanitarian concern for Kashmiri people, but his plan was to convert Kashmir as Mirzaaie state, and he faced reprehensible failure in his dirty mission and his pity gains flew with dirt and dust.

What is the duty of nation or government when epidemic breaks out in any state?

People at the helm of affairs take every possible initiative, even to excises developed and precious establishments/assets to curb the disease.

Imaan is more precious than anything, when anyone will be found on war foot against Imaan of nation, it is prime duty of nation to remove the apostate invasion and to destroy the traitor, because this is tantamount to attack on constitution; it is more serious than attack on national security.

Hats off to the visionary righteous Islamic scholars of Pakistan and commendations to their loyal followers who made all successful efforts to declare Ahmadis as non-Muslims.

How come a person can be faithful to his family, society or nation, who is not faithful to his Prophet (PBUH) and Almighty?  Only a true follower and strong faith people can be called as Muslim.

The decision of Pakistan in declaring Ahmadis as non-Muslims was right and on-time, India should also follow the same judgment; only few so-called modernist and hidden Mirzaaies in Pakistan are opposing the move.

I hope that publication houses belonging to the Muslims will not carry Mirzaaie write-ups in future, and editors/journalists in future are requested to have more focus in protecting their Imaan rather than to gather material for their page for menial profit, because earnings must come next to Imaan, soon they will realize it, when they will open eyes under the earth.

Author is Assistant Secretary General in Municipal Corporation Srinagar



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