SMC fails to repair defunct Ghanta Ghar clocks

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Will repair all clocks on tower, beautify City centre: Commissioner

SMC fails to repair defunct Ghanta Ghar clocks

Irfan Yattoo

Srinagar, Oct 11:

Five months on, the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has failed to repair the defunct clocks of historic clock tower ‘Ghanta Ghar’ here in City centre, Lal Chowk.
All four clocks of the historic clock tower are defunct from past several months and give an ugly look.
Traders at Lal Chowk expressed resentment over non-functioning of clocks at ‘Ghanta Ghar’ and blamed SMC officials for their careless approach towards the historic tower.
They said the tourists from the other states and foreign countries visit the historical market, but it looks strange when all four clocks on the tower show incorrect time.
Mohammad Iqbal, a textile trader at Lal Chowk said, “Clock towers in other Indian cities are well maintained and decorated but here the authorities have failed to maintain it.”
“Last year SMC officials installed new clocks but after one few month they became defunct and stopped working,” Iqbal said adding that these things have exposed the tall claims of SMC.
Raman Kumar, a tourist from Gandhi Nagar, who is on a Kashmir tour along with his family, told Rising Kashmir that he had heard about ‘Ghanta Ghar’ from his relatives.
“Although it is beautiful but defunct clocks look odd,” Kumar said, adding that the adjacent park should also be maintained by the concerned authorities.
A group of shopkeepers at Lal Chowk blamed the government for bringing down the charm of the clock tower by deploying a large number of security forces around it.
A shopkeeper Muhammad Maqbool said the forces’ deployment creates fear among tourists as well as locals, adding that instead of forces they can put surveillance by using CCTV cameras.
Maqbool said the government forces have placed barbed wires around the clock tower; instead they should fix the clocks.
As per the local shopkeepers, clock tower was built in 1970s’ by some executives of Bajaj Company and was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister, Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah in 1979.
SMC Commissioner, Peerzada Hafizullah Shah said within next couple of days they will repair all defunct clocks of the historic tower.
“We are ‘already working’ to beautify city centre Lal Chowk and adjacent areas,” he said.


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