Semester system

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Semester system

Dear Editor,

Examination and academics are two vital components of teaching-learning process. A cordial relationship between the two makes the system balanced and optimal in character. The academic strength adds stability to examination system and not vice versa. There is a positive correlation between these two components which cannot be snubbed at any cost. Any disturbance in academic journey will definitely push examination system on back foot. Kashmir University has recently introduced the semester system at the undergraduate level to assess the performance of the students and to take decisions regarding the promotion of the students to different grades on the basis of their performance. Semester system has created a wave of disturbance in colleges and the impact has gone viral in the society. At present the colleges in Kashmir valley narrate a strong story of being the examination centers that used to be the centers of academic development. The examination side looks stronger than the academic side. In this perspective the semester system has paralyzed the momentum of academic learning as examination pressure dominates the show and is many times heavier than the academic strength. Education system is always embedded within a societal network and the system must be shaped according to the circumstances prevailing in the society. In relation to the circumstances prevailing at present semester system looks out of sync. The lack of coordination between these two components has an adverse impact upon the academic career of our students who make up the system. Semester system keeps students busy in preparing what they don’t know due to academic disturbance which has its own impact on the examination ethics. The academic disturbance creates many problems in examination like it encourages cheating on behalf of examinees and which are absurd and unsound. There is a dire need to address the issue and to create a system where examination and academics go hand in hand.

Suhail Salam Bhat

Govt Degree College Pulwama


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