SDPO Sadder and his team beat up, abuse, harass RK’s female reporter

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SSP Sgr, IGP Kmr say will look into the matter, DGP apologises

SDPO Sadder and his team beat up, abuse, harass RK’s female reporter

Rising Kashmir News

Srinagar, Aug 17:

 SDPO Sadder, Amod Ashok Nagpure along with team at Jawahar Nagar Wednesday stopped Rising Kashmir Security and Defence Reporter, Sumaiya Yousuf and beat up, abused and harassed her.
A party of Police and CRPF personnel led by SDPO Sadder, Amod Ashok Nagpure Wednesday used abusive language and harassed Sumaiya Yousuf, who was on way back home after performing her professional duties, at Jawahar Nagar area of Srinagar.
“The armed forces led by SDPO Sadder stopped me near Jawahar Nagar and when I showed the officer all the documents including my curfew pass, he let loose his forces on my vehicle and abused me hurling all sorts of invectives,” Sumaiya said.
She said the on duty Police and CRPF men also damaged her car.
Sumaiya said the SDPO Sadder, Amod Ashok Nagpure, an IPS officer (JK 2013), kept abusing her and threatened to pump all the bullets in his gun into her chest, until she ran for her life from the spot.
“The on duty police and CRPF men abused me saying why I was travelling at this time,” she said. “‘Is your father and brother dead,’ they told me,” she said. “They used very dirty and provocative language.”
Sumaiya said when she told them that she was a journalist and would complain about their behavior to their higher ups, they reacted hurling invectives even at their own officers.
Later, Director General of Police (DGP), K Rajendra Kumar apologised to the Rising Kashmir reporter over phone and said he was ashamed due to the behaviour of the SDPO Sadder.
Talking to Rising Kashmir, IGP Kashmir, Syed Javaid Mujtaba Gilani said Police would honour curfew passes and not stop anyone carrying curfew passes and promised to look into the matter how the SDPO and his team had indulged in such behavior.
SSP Srinagar, Amit Kumar told Rising Kashmir that he would look into the matter but said policemen on duty had been given strict instructions to respect curfew passes and that they would not create hurdles on the movement of journalists.





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