School fees

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School fees

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the news report titled “Schools mint money with new Nursery, KG admissions” published in Rising Kashmir. The way private schools are demanding admission and other fees, poor people will not be entitled to education in future and this right will be reserved to only the rich. Government schools have turned out to be poor alternative with no change in the results and performances in these schools. Some people came up with a wonderful idea to fix the government schools – make it compulsory for all government officials to have their children educated in government schools only. But the officials know the state government schools are in and the kind of education imparted in these schools. At the same time the government has done nothing to fix a uniform fee structure and ensure that people are not exploited. But it has failed in this too as private schools are demanding thousands of rupees as fees. We request the chief minister to act against the education department and officials who have made a mess of school education in the state.

Tahir Mushtaq



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