Scholars call for setting up Urdu university in Kashmir

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Four books released

Scholars call for setting up Urdu university in Kashmir

Sahil Maqbool


 A united call for setting up of an Urdu university in Kashmir was made by writers and scholars who assembled at a book release function here on Thursday.
Four books were released on the occasion—including ‘Arastoo ki Wapsi’ by Vehshi Syeed, ‘Aik Mamooli Aadmi’, an Urdu short story collection by Noor Shah, ‘Sheeraza Urdu’, Sofi Ghulam Mohammad number by Cultural Academy, and ‘Urdu Novel ki Paishraft’ by Dr Mansoor Khushtar.
Others present on the occasion include Dr Syed Shujaat Bukhari, Prof Mohammad Zaman Azurda, Dr Shafeeqa Parveen, Farooq Nazki and Dr Abdul Hafeez Masoodi. The function was presided over by Justice (Retd) Bashir Ahmad Kirmani. The function was organized by Nigeena International at a local hotel.
Speaking on the occasion, Kirmani said earning money in the name of literature must not be the main target of writers; instead, they must take it as a service towards whichever language they choose as a medium of their expression.
“A writer or an author is like a mirror of his society, which must represent a clear image with intention to bring all the sections at one common point but misfortunately we in our society have lost faith in each other and have not been able to find out who we are and what our society is all about,” he said.
Kirmani said setting up of an Urdu university in Kashmir was the need of the hour, and until writers and intellectuals unite at one common point for this, it will remain a dream. “Writers are like representatives of a society and whatever they say is a property of their readers after it is published and every person of the society must find himself in their write-ups but due to long uncertainty in our state, our values, priorities and targets have entirely changed, which needs to be looked into.”
Dr Syed Shujaat Bukhari, Chief Editor of Rising Kashmir and the President of Adbee Markaz Kamraz, stressed upon the government to fulfil its promise of setting up an Urdu university in Kashmir.
He said all local languages, including the state’s official language Urdu, must get their due share and equal attention. He appreciated Nigeena International for its ‘constant efforts’ towards this objective.
Speaking about the organization’s owner, Vehshi Syeed, Bukhari said, “He is the man who broke ice to make Kashmir a ‘Garden of literature afresh and it is because of his continuous efforts that we have had many quality literary functions even in the days of chilling winter.”
“Our literature and languages face more than one challenge and we have to fight them unitedly, but till there are sincere people like Mr Syeed and organizations like Nigeena International we don’t need to lose hope,” Bukhari said.
Prof Zaman Azurda, while remembering many acclaimed Kashmiri writers, intellectuals and leaders, said the area around the hillock of “Kōh-e Sulaymān” is so “fertile that I can count numberless such wonderful people, born here, who got international name and fame”, including Late Ali Mohammad Lone, SM Qamar, Umar Majeed, Sufi Ghulam Mohammad, Sufi Mohiuddin, Bashir Ahmad Bashir, Noor Shah, Bashir Shah, Sajood Sailani, Bashir Arif, etcetera.
Azurda said the new entry in the caravan is of Vehshi Syeed. “I am hopeful that if the journey continues, we may have more great people in this caravan, who will for sure make us feel proud,” he said.
Farooq Nazki, on the occasion, congratulated Nigeena International for the release of their special number and all other authors whose books were released at the function. “We are so lucky people that we have eminent writers like Vehshi Syeed and Noor Shah among us who write for the soul,” he said.
The Chairman of the Lakes and Waterways Development Authority, Hafeez Masoodi, said preserving and protecting a language is a noble job and must be taken as a mission by the writers.
“Urdu is a language of love and regard; its speakers have never asked for a separate land in the name of language though there is a country where Urdu is the national language but its speakers are still called ‘Muhajirs’ (migrants),” he said.
Masoodi said ‘we have received our religion (Islam) through Urdu language’ and keeping this noble language alive is more than a duty. He also reiterated the need of setting up of an Urdu university in Kashmir.
Ms Shafeeqa Parveen, while appreciating the contribution of Vehshi Syeed towards the Urdu language, said his mission has become a complete moment towards the literature of all kinds.
However, she stressed that one must not remain limited to functions and events to talk about the literature but must make it an integral part of the life. “Urdu is passing through several challenges and its writers need to unite and take some serious steps,” she said.
Renowned Kashmir poet, Zareef Ahmad Zareef, who spoke on the occasion, stressed upon establishing a big library or book reading house in Srinagar. He appealed the readers and writers to restart the book reading culture in Kashmir.
The books released on the occasion were reviewed by various people.
The special number of Nigeena International was reviewed by journalist Vajeh Ahmad Andrabi and read out by Ms Neelofar Naz Nehvi.
Book ‘Arastoo ki Wapsi’ by Vehshi Syeed was reviewed by Mohammad Abdullah Khawar.
‘Sheeraza Urdu’, Ghulam Mohammad number, was reviewed by Noor Shah and the review was read out by Nasir Zameer.
‘Aik Mamooli Aadmi’ by Noor Shah was reviewed by Dr Ashraf Ansari and ‘Urdu Novel ki Paishraft’ by Mansoor Khushtar was reviewed by Ghulam Mohammad Kumhar, and the paper was read out by young writer and broadcaster Zubair Qureshi.
The programme was conducted by senior announcer and the General Secretary of the Adbee Markaz Kamraz, Mohammad Amin Bhat.
Vehshi Syeed welcomed the guests and Zahoor Tramboo presented the vote of thanks.


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