Roads and Safety

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Roads and Safety

The 30th Road Safety week is being observed with the city traffic officials out on the roads inspecting vehicles and checking necessary documents. A program like this is always welcome in any part of the state were road hazards claim hundreds of lives each year. People of the state must cooperate with the officials and extend their full support in ensuring that the road safety measures do not remain mere subject of discussion but be implemented to make the roads and travel safe. Notwithstanding the efforts of the department for the right cause, it is time to take a critical view of these safety weeks and drives that have delivered little over the years. To begin with, checking the valid documents is productive and has its merits, but how often do the traffic officials resort to this kind of an action. Not that often, and it can be argued that the traffic department doesn’t find it feasible to do the paper check now and then. An exercise like this engages officers and the job of directing the traffic may get affected. As of now the officials in case of passenger cars are supposed to check five valid necessary documents – the pollution certificate, the vehicle registration document (RC), the vehicle insurance document, driving license and sometimes the No Objection Certificate in case the vehicle is not registered with the department here. Much of this task would have been simplified had the documentation part been digitized. There are thousands of passenger car owners who produce electronic card based RCs and the officials just look at them and hand them back. There is nothing they can do except take a good look for the department doesn’t have any digital card readers to verify details or credentials. It may have its downside, but the department can draw a lesson from it. With just one electronic card in which all information about the vehicle can be stored and the machine reader in the hands of traffic officials, both time and efforts can be saved. A step ahead, even information about a driver violating rules can be easily stored and checked anytime anywhere. For those violating the norms or road safety rules more than often, a temporary suspension or blocking will take a finger touch. The point however is not the digitization of one of the cumbersome processes that makes a good exercise like document check undoable, but to think of out-of-box solutions to make the roads safer and the driving simpler. The old practices have become obsolete and the department needs an upgrade, at least in coming out with novel solutions to regular problems.             






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