Road terror

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Road terror

Every year road accidents claim more lives than other mishaps or form of violence in Jammu and Kashmir state. Nearly 1000 people die each year in different road accidents in the state; a rate which refuses to go down. There has not been a single month in last several years when fatalities and serious injuries to road accident victims were not recorded. Despite the ringing of alarm bells, the official response has been poor. The response from people also has not been any better. The way road accidents and the damage they do to the state are looked at gives an insight on how much desensitized the people have become as loss of lives continue to mount. The treatment and attention grabbed by incidents and mishaps other than road accidents, for example violent outbursts related to militancy, is so out of proportion that it exposes double standards of the state administration adopted in saving lives of the people. It is a fact that road accidents are responsible for more deaths [of civilians] in the state than militancy, yet road accidents as a matter of concern is put on the backburner. While officials belonging to different state institutions keep on blaming several identified factors, there has been no plan of action to minimize the number of casualties that happen each year due to road accidents. A major hurdle seems to be the lack of coordination among different institutions and agencies, as no single agency has shown willingness to shoulder the responsibility and lead the way with an extended campaign. Officials blame road conditions and it becomes a responsibility of the state roads builder. The roads builder blames negligent driving so it becomes responsibility of traffic authorities. Traffic authorities say there are other factors also responsible for road accidents and the whole drive gets botched up in the process. However, it does not grant remission to state leaders who are aware about the casualties and damages. Apparently, numerous figures have not moved the leaders and administrators, the large publicity in public discourses have not budged them, loud outcries and pleas too have fallen on deaf ears, so should the concern be given up? Is the government so impotent to carry out an effective plan of action aimed at stopping road accidents? They way road accidents have become a routine mundane affair is hard to bear. All institutions that have displayed their sloppiness on the issue must be held responsible and answerable to the deaths due to road accidents. When is the administration going to wake up and think beyond ex gratia relief and condolence outpours?                                       


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