Reduced to rubble

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Reduced to rubble

Dear Editor,

While going through his five-column feature on the aforementioned subject, coupled with his last story – both translated by me – Mr. Daanish Bin Nabi has quoted instances of just three families whose dear ones were killed/lost or whose houses have been raised to ground by the government forces during the ongoing Kashmir conflict. The writer could have easily made it a mammoth of a feature by including details, description and quotes of many families – at least ten or more. As such I don’t think the writer has done justice with such thought provoking subjects. Moreover, Mr. Daanish has perhaps deliberately put a blind eye on hundreds of other such families who too have faced the same fate through angry mobs armed forces/militants, etc., during the ongoing conflict. By doing so the writer has killed only three birds with hundreds of stones in his hand. I am sorry to say that both of his stories have not added to my normal heartbeats and made me emotional. The photograph of the “under construction” house tagged with “reduced to rubble” story seems absolutely a mismatch. Mr. Daanish should not wear black goggles on his eyes while knitting a story, otherwise he is a very good writer.

Mohammad Yusuf Shaheen


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