Rahul Gandhi on the horizon

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By giving an important role to Ms Priyanka Gandhi, Rahul has responded to the sensitivities of general masses of Uttar Pradesh

Rahul Gandhi on the horizon

Ashok Bhan

BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP) in its efforts to pursue ambition to rule Kashmir resorted to partnership in government with Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and ruled for a short span. It eventually dumped PDP to further its bigger right wing exclusionary ideological agenda.

In the process Modi Sarkar thoroughly messed up the Kashmir affairs. The BJP is politically on down slide in Jammu and Kashmir.Congress party is largely gaining strength in all the three regions as a formidable alternative.

In Kashmir valley,Congress is foreseen as a credible alternative to inconsistent and dichotomous local mainstream parties.With Rahul Gandhi on the front fighting Modiand BJP currently Congress party is preferred as the most appropriate mainstream alternate choice for Valley’s political psyche, say Kashmir intelligentsia.

Elsewhere, in the country NDA is on the decline.It lost its critical allies.Opposition is getting stronger. Consequently, the NDA may lose more than 100 seats, after a photo finish in Gujarat,loosing Karnataka,and recently losing three bastions in Hindi heartland.

In UP, with the SP-BSP pre-poll alliance, there is precipitous dip in BJP tally by all surveys from 71 to less than 20.Rahul Gandhi 24/7 political activity and aggressive campaign has significantly enhanced his personal equity.

He is seen to have revived Congress party to the level of the most formidable challenger to stall of BJP and demolished the myth of Modi-Shah invincibility.It would be a hand to hand fight in each state.One thing is for sure it is a pivotal election for voters and 2019 will be any party's game.

Rahul Gandhi truly reflects the core ideology of Indian National Congress that is to uphold the institutional expression of socio-political and cultural aspirations of Indian people and continually be a champion of the freedom and right to life and liberty of the oppressed masses in India and elsewhere in the world.

The policy of peaceful coexistence and societal equanimity is the Congress party’s aimed at upholding high traditions of India's cultural values of plurality, tolerance and peace.

Rahul Gandhi has appointed two of the most popular and charming leaders as General Secretaries of Uttar Pradesh.By appointing Ms Priyanka Gandhi a charismatic granddaughter of and a look alike Smt.Indira Gandhi and representing Nehruvian aura has effectively responded to the ground level mood and demand from UP that craves for Congress Party to make a comeback on the centre-stage.

By giving an important role to Ms Priyanka Gandhi, he has responded to the sensitivities of the general masses of Uttar Pradesh who are fatigued and sick with Yogi's failures and the castiestexploitation by the regional parties and mandir and divisive politics of the BJP.

Rahul Gandhi has emerged as the leader in whom masses in the Hindi heartland and the bastion of BJP have placed their confidence and trust. It is proven that he has the power to influence and lead the country through the democratic and constitutional process.

The country expects Indian National Congress under him to undertake the unfulfilled task of building modern India, free of intolerance, hate and discrimination in 2019 general elections.

The united opposition with common political electoral strategy would gather and garner, at least, more than 65 per cent of the votes that did not vote for BJP in 2014 in a purported Modi wave.Congress party is making a common cause with like-minded and secular parties to defeat BJP.

Congress president has proved his political astuteness, selflessness and skills after Gujarat photo finish contest,Karnataka collation Government formation,Hindi heartland success of dislodging the incumbent BJP state governments in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan.

At the national level, he is emerging as a uniting factor of the Opposition at different levels before 2019 elections.In his own Party affairs he is gaining authority and total pan-India and diaspora support by the cadres.

The elections performance in MP,Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh has further convinced the combined Opposition that if the unity is astutely weaved without ego hassles, the BJP would face flak in 2019 elections.

A tactical and united fight by opposition has set in a pattern of the people’s mood, anger and courage to vote against the failures of the BJP-led NDA government. Be it the unemployed youth, the farmers, the industry, the working and middle class and the minorities, all sections are hit hard and colossally suffering by steep price rise and economic slowdown.

The combined opposition that has been trying to stitch up a united front of non-BJP parties at different levels be that by Ms Mamata Banerjee, Akhilesh-Mayawati and KCR etc.is positively euphoric to take on and dislodge BJP in 2019 general election.

Rahul Gandhi is promoting the Congress party as protector of the voice and inclusive aspirations of people. He says, his party will always strive to lend political support to the people’s voice, and save the democracy, societal plurality, and the institutions.

He attacks Modi model of governance as despotic and authoritarian and some of his slogans his slogans have stuck in the people’s psyche and has gained legitimacy because of distrust in broad sections due to major failures in the economy,consequently, the common people are suffering colossal hardships.

His campaign and appeal to the people of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan to knock out BJP has finally been endorsed and his persona is seen as the Principal challenger and alternative to Prime Minister NarendraModi.He has set a final stage for 2019 defeat of the saffron party.

Rahul Gandhi has been leading the party for quite some time into the dust and din of mass politics. With his hard work, the passion to lead from the front and skill to weave political understanding with youthful leadership and like-minded secular parties, he has emerged as a consensus leader and the real alternative to PM Modi.

Notwithstanding the fact, that he does not have a level playing field with Modi. Rahul Gandhi has challenged Modi on his home turf in Gujarat and fiercely fought the electoral battle to bring his party neck to neck to BJP. Now Rahul Gandhi with his team has succeeded in knocking out Modi-Shah duo in their bastions.It is a major setback to invincibility of the Shah and his team.

The only mantra for Opposition to wrest power from BJP in 2019 is to know how to hold together and to be focused.The recent elections results have established the leadership of Rahul Gandhi across the country and its for him to lead and unite anti BJP parties and groupings fight together 2019 election with the focus to garner support of the notional 69 per cent population that did not vote for BJP in 2014 election and convert that to become real.

In India, 65 per cent of its population is under 35 years of age, and there is a huge aspirational India. The Nehru-Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi with legacy of “the tryst with destiny” of Pandit Nehru, the patriotism and sacrifices of Indira Gandhi, the vision of Rajiv Gandhi and political outreach skills of Sonia Gandhi has a long way to go.

The political and electoral success will chase him because he leads from the front, establishes an inclusive dialogue with masses, the Congress karikartas, promotes progressive narrative and creates a modern vision that resonates and connects the youth and the aspirational India.

The Congress party is now fine tuning positivity as the main tactic of forging a “pragmatic alliances” with other like-minded political parties. It has reiterated its openness to the pacts without claim to leadership that determined in post poll situation.There is a dire need to prevent the fragmentation of anti-BJP votes.

The United Opposition Party’s main poll campaign plank would be economy, the promise of growth, welfare, farmers, jobs and intolerance and failure in handling Kashmir affairs etc. The idea is to capitalise on the failures of Modi government to deliver on his poll promises.Congress and Opposition’s main constituency will have to be farmers, youth and women — the three of the most substantial demographic categories in the country.





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