Pulwama families allege police harassment, move HC

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Insha Latief


 Two families in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district have expressed concern over “frequent raids by troops” because of their sons’ involvement in militancy.
The families said: “Police and army are alleging that our family members has joined militant rank and now they have a reason of terrorizing and harassing us. They are not letting us live peacefully.”
Tired of the “harassment”, Haleema Bano, mother of Mohammad Ayoub has sought High Court’s (HC’s) protection for her family. “My son went missing and we heard from somebody that he has joined a militant organization. From three months, raids are regularly conducted on our house,” she said.
Haleema said: “Whenever troops come to raid our house, they ransack the house and demand that we handover our missing son to them.”
“They harass me and my daughter-in-law and beat my sons. What impact it will leave on the mind of my three-year-old grandson,” she said.
The family said that they have become socially disconnected as people of the vicinity keep themselves away from them due to the frequent forces’ raids.
“We don’t know where he is but troops continue to conduct raids illegally and unethically. We approached the concerned police station but they have failed to take any action against them," lamented Haleema
Their counsel, Mir Shafkat Hussain told Rising Kashmir: “The illegal action of Government forces to harass the family for their son being a militant is totally unconstitutional and illegal and is beyond any rule of law. It’s unlawful that one person is being punished for the act of another person.”
Ghulam Nabi Dar, another resident of Kakpora has also approached High Court for the protection of the legal and fundamental right of his family. His son Arif Nabi Dar went missing in 2015 and had joined a militant organization.
“We were harassed each day, just because he was part of our family. When they used to receive any information about him in the village, they would come and harass us,” he said, adding: “Being a father of a daughter, only I know what I have went through.”
Arif got killed recently in August 2017. Ghulam Nabi after the death of his son expects no more “harassment” at the hands of troopers now onwards.
“We can’t live our life in harassment and fear. We seek protection from High Court as we are left with no other option." he said.


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