PSC Exams: Many dreams will be shattered

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PSC Exams: Many dreams will be shattered

Tassaduq Mufti

Respected Sir,

We are so disappointed with you. All of us thought it was some tactic to pressurize you for unacceptable demands. Had you any knowledge about the history of State Public Service Commission and how they victimized people and abused their autonomy, you would have shared our concerns too.

May be you never found yourself in our situation. Had you really made an effort to put yourself into our shoes you would have come to known about situation prevalent in last 10 in one of the most corrupt, and dictatorial public institution.There are aspirants who have been preparing for so long and this opportunity as their last attempt.

Justice seems nothing more than a cliché anymore; an illusory term with no real time meaning. I have no hesitation to say that even the judiciary has been impotent.

Do you even have an idea how this Commission has abused their autonomy and how have they have killed merit? The members have only benefited their kith and kin, the officials behave like feudal lords having no regard for a democratic values and manipulate records in the guise of secrecy.

I can challenge them to come clean on their selection lists and examination process.

Why are students on the streets today? Because democracy has penetrated somehow in their idiosyncrasies over a period of time and they question the authoritarian dictates of these institutions. They value democratic ideals which call for justice, fairness, reasonableness,transparency and accountability. They value to live with dignity and do not like to be bullied by authorities who enjoy positions of power and disregard rule of law.

I want to remind you that democracy is not just a tag manifested in superficial infrastructures and symbolic institutions, rather it is process, a never ending one whereby citizens participate for holding their institutions accountable. Unfortunately, we are just undemocratic godmen disguised as democratic angels.

We do not only want deferment of this examination, but our (I am sure of most of the candidates’) real long term objective has always been reforms in the commission so that our future generations will not suffer discrimination and high handedness from the institutions.

We want reforms because we do not want our children to accuse us of failing to stand-up against the oppression by providing them a bad future.

We will still appear in the exam, we will still pull up ourselves. Nothing will change. Many of us,I am sure will even make it into public service. But imagine what kind of bureaucracy will it lead to. It will continue to perpetuate authoritarianism and dictatorship in the guise of democracy and merit.

Alas!  No one is listening to us today. Not even judiciary. It amazes me how we were deceived by cumbersome judicial procedures and tactful manoeuvring by officials in judiciary and the PSC, who were complicit in preventing us from exercising our right to judicial recourse. So unfortunate!It is death of justice!

We are very sorry to have tried to contact you. We are sorry to have bothered you. For a moment, we had become victims of our own wishful thinking.

We thought our institutions that we all enjoined upon together to serve us, would play their required part at the needful hour.

But we were wrong. The egos of concerned officials and their excuse of having made all the “preparations” to burry their misconduct in the way they went about this examination will emerge victorious over the emotional desperation of the student community.

We shall be writing on 15th in this chilling cold weather with a heavy heart while many of us are going to remain absent and many will not perform according to their true potential. Many genuine dreams will be shattered.

The JKPSC will claim another feather in its crown, while many will be relegated to foot notes in history. Authoritarianism will rule and rule of law will die.

I have a request you can chose to ignore. Nevertheless, it’s our duty as a citizen to make a suggestion. Moreover, it shall also be the last time I would be seeking justice from this “inhuman system”.

If you really have the courage and intent to make a difference and restore peoples’ faith in the JKPSC, I challenge you to conduct an enquiry, even a secret one, into the working of this body.

Thank you.



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