Private Education: Business in camouflage

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In the grim situation of sophisticated exploitation there area few private institutionswhich are selflessly contributing towards the educational excellence 

Private Education: Business in camouflage

Reyaz Ahmad Mir

Looting can't be justified in any case and if it is done in an organised way, it turns to be a catastrophe beyond escape and rescue. When people are silent, indifferent and follow the socially poisonous attitude of "let it go" and prefer to suffer without any ache, the society is spiritless, if not dead.

The unethical phenomena has been in vogue in different spheres. However, in this piece, my point is clearly towards private educational sector which has now become a dreaded and multi headed monster swallowing the big morsels of hard earned money in the midst of blows of decades old conflict situation in the state.

In lieu of their exploitative way of extracting money by "other activities", there is every reason to fear that tomorrow the owners of the schools may ask for the share from the property of a student, if they are not contained today. Because, that is the only thing where their hands have yet to reach.  The postures they have been showing with no care and fear suggest things like that.

Earlier they had begun with the sacred brand of imparting quality education in the framework of social responsibility. That was indeed a missionary legacy of great visionary era which has now ceased to be a mission.

Today, their changing concerns and preferences have exposed their materialistic impulses they are actually moving within the garb of reformists and revivalists. They are normal entrepreneurs without any distinctive mark from other business class. If morally viewed, they are more accountable before men and God because they continue to do profiteering in the name of "social service", otherwise, a selfless domain.

But the concept of their social service is utterly alien. They compete to sell their so-called services at the exorbitant rates with no uniformity or state's approval. Why? Because, the sector, hatched by the capitalistic heat, pose to exist as a "state within state" in the pragmatic version of its nature.

Coming back to the services self-interestedly rendered by most of the private educational institutions, it is brazenly bizarre to watch how they have gradually turned to be "Garment Establishments" selling uniforms and related things, now through proxy, with huge margins, which otherwise could be made available cheaper if purchased or prepared by the parents themselves.

But the parents scum helplessly before the uniform colours, designs and cuttings very callously recommended/ approved by the school management which is available at the rarest of the rare places or nowhere. So, to save the time, they don't mind if they do have to pay heavily to them. This is the modern and besieged definition of social service being forced to be accepted.

Like ways, they are virtual transporters fixing fare charges the way it suits to their giant financial thirst, often trying to deceive the authorities. The only difference one can make is that their buses are differently coloured and couldn't be seen at general bus yards.

Ironically, the private school association obliged the parents by making a concession of fifty percent in bus fee for the unrest period in 2016 when all the school buses like other means of public transport remained off the road.

I am not talking about the tuition fee which was collected without any tuition during the shutdown period because that was accepted by both - the then indifferent government and the "weak" parents  as if it was their "moral obligation" to pay, knowingly that this was undue to them.

Further, the private school association had last time outrightly rejected the government proposal to ensure uniformity in syllabus and examination pattern and irresponsibly termed it "the distraction of education".

Was that aggressive gesture of private school owners based on reality? That seemed like that because there was no befitting reply on behalf of the government. So the assumption seemed to be right. There was no sign of fear among them to lose as "book sellers" if the proposal was let to go ahead.

There is one more issue. Do the government run educational institutions with available facilities and faculties really grapple with the problems which provided the enough space for private schools luring even government teachers to admit their wards in them?

Or is there an amount of craze and fashion among the parents to fill the lockers of private school owners just making it a "status symbol"? I think latter is dominant. 

Even If the former is true, still the "entrepreneurs" have no moral authority to squeeze the blood of their "parties". I wonder, how they still talk about their integrity and credibility.

This is quite strange that on the one hand they pose themselves to be the so-called reformists in education sector but on the other most of them pay pea nuts to their teachers in proportionate to their earnings who in actuality make their institutions active units against all odds and ordeals.

Only, fatty cheques received as 'admission fee' could easily suffice the handsome salary and other expenditure of their "enterprises" without shrinking the "obesity" of other heads and accounts. Still a good amount is thought to be spared with.

It is not only RP School which was brought to mat, though temporarily, in truest sense of the action they deserve, others need to be scanned also and punished accordingly. Parents must come forward the way parents of RP School did. They remained steadfast throughout the hearings till the decision was taken.

How strange it is that instead the action was appreciated by all in unison, a section of society without knowing the facts, tried to paint it with religious colours. Injustice and oppression must be equally condemned whosoever is involved in. We all must learn to appreciate good and condemn bad.

To hide our weaknesses, this is quite disgusting if we try to take refuge in religious shells. Attaining Profanity by exploiting sacred sentiments of people fundamentally exposes our hallow commitment with our faith.

In the grim situation of "sophisticated" exploitation under the brand of education, there are, in fact, a few private institutions, though small in size, which are selflessly contributing towards the educational excellence against a meagre amount without strangling the gullible parents.

These are real trustees, missionaries and of course committed to the appeal of their conscience too. Rest have to think what they shall be remembered for. I wish, not for that they are broadly doing in camouflage.



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