Political whirling in JK

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Muneer Ahmad Magry


Citizens have needs and interests that they expect governments to address. In democratic societies, political parties aggregate these demands from diverse groups and articulate public policy options to respond to them. Elections provide voters the opportunity to choose among political parties offering distinct proposals for addressing societal needs.

Through their efforts to control and influence public policy, political parties play an intermediary role, linking citizens to their representatives, and serving as the primary channel for holding the government accountable for its performance.

Thus, party policy development – the process whereby political parties formulate and seek to implement their proposals for governmental actions – is central to the healthy functioning of a representative democracy.

Political parties face a number of challenges in fulfilling their policy formulation role. Particularly in fledgling democracies, parties may: lack clear ideologies; fail to articulate distinctive and coherent policy proposals; have weak structures that remain dormant outside election campaign periods; have narrow and/or shifting support bases that are defined by personal, regional or ethnic ties; and struggle to conduct cohesive action in parliament/assemblies.

In traditional democracies, declining membership and a 24-hour media cycle are spurring an evolution in how political parties communicate with, engage and mobilize supporters.

Under this responsible party doctrine, in democracies, elections provide voters the opportunity to choose among political parties offering distinct proposals for addressing societal needs.

Now, against the above backdrop the argument which is discussed here is the recent demise of elected government in Jammu Kashmir and repercussions after the post demise.

Last few days are witnessing a whirling by some of the elected members; it seems they were in hibernation. Till the demise day they were enjoying coveted posts with all luxury.

I can see the news on cards regarding the disintegrations and deception of some elected members towards their native fold, and all out with verbal attacks, some of them rhetoric that they were treated as slaves, some saying that decisions were taken at Gupkar and only read at secretariat and thus implemented, some claiming that no document of alliance even exist, this all is adding and subjecting us as a general public to a conclusion that how mess the government was in, how public exploitation were done and how public was subjected to atrocities, all because of their internal incompetence’s, dissension and squabbles.

All coming out now is a serious question, why not hitherto, this hippodrome surmises a smelling rat, as these members are aware of their subsequent, and now trying to damage control, trying to gain a safer spot may be in some other political fold.

They know their original fold is at vulnerability, so before its extinction let us safeguard ourselves, they now believe on ex-situ conservation rather than in-situ.

Is this the way to pay returns when the parent is in crisis, does this whole interlude sums up that yes opportunity always occur in crisis, so grab it before it expires, shall such people be believed, are the trustworthy to be elected, or that these people believe that people are too innocent to be be-fooled and manipulated.

The other strong argument here is what about the fold who is ready to own such people, what about the ideologies moreover what about the hard working workers who deserve to fill in positions which these deceits/turn-courts topple. There is a dire need to have an insightful thought both by the political folds as well as the general public/voters.

We as voters need to think more and come up with a constructive decision, we shall not vote based on emotions or sentiments. I can recollect how in 2014 some of the elected members wielded their deceased parents to gain sympathy’s for EVMs. 

This is not to be repeated, we need to be more coherent, effective while delivering our voting rights, we have now witnessed the abysmal, adversity, and the brutality all around.

This is the right time to put our efforts together and keep off such deceits because if they are not loyal to their founders/parents/feeders how can they be trusted to be public admirers.

In addition to the opportunity to judge at elections the performance of political parties and publicly elected officials who are re-contesting, citizens in modern democracies expect two-way communication throughout the political cycle.

But unfortunately this is missing and we need to have this two way cycle in place to fix the accountability.


Author is Presently PhD Scholar at DEAKIN University, Australia



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