Police rebuts news regarding Soura incident

Published at July 12, 2018 02:21 PM 0Comment(s)3459views

Police rebuts news regarding Soura incident

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Jammu Kashmir Police Thursday rebutted the news regarding setting handcarts of fruit vendors ablaze in Soura on Wednesday afternoon.

Police said: “Apropos to the news carried by some media houses and web portals regarding the news item mentioning ‘Govt forces set handcarts of vendors ablaze’ is strongly rebutted.”

The police said that they have already issued a detailed statement regarding the sequence of events of the incident where miscreants set ablaze handcarts of fruit vendors and also damaged fencing around trees and road dividers.

Police has also appealed the general public not to pay heed to the rumours.

Police said that strict legal action will be taken against rumour mongers.


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