PDP-BJP pursuing anti-youth policies:NC

Published at November 11, 2017 01:54 AM 0Comment(s)3645views

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Youth National Conference on Friday alleged that the present government was pursuing anti-youth policies across the state.
“The present government has failed in assuaging the aspirations of the people, especially the youth, and the past three years of misrule has pushed them backwards in every sphere,” Provincial Vice President Youth National Conference, Jammu, Kr Yashwardhan Singh, according to a statement, said while addressing a day long convention in Kalakote.

He said a “decisive battle is needed to be fought against divisive forces, who have taken central stage by exploiting regional and religious sentiments to further their myopic and nefarious political agenda”.
“This can be possible only when youth come forward in a big way and help in changing the political discourse by forging unity and strengthening the bonds of amity between different segments of society and different regions of the state,” he added
Singh said that National Conference will undertake concerted drive to sensitize the people about the “wrong policies of the present government and failure on all fronts”. “Youth can play a bigger role in making the government deliver, as development has come to grinding halt and administration is in a paralytic mode due to lack of political direction.”

Others who spoke on the occasion highlighted the problems of educated unemployed, alleging that “nepotism was rampant in filling up various vacancies thus depriving the meritorious candidates”.


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