Panic grips Safakadal after snake appears in house debris

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Panic grips Safakadal after snake appears in house debris

Musaib Mehraj

Srinagar, July 10:

Panic gripped Safakadal area of Downtown on Tuesday after a snake was found under the debris of a house.
Residents said a snake was spotted in the residential colony due to which there was chaos in the whole area. They said immediately after the snake was spotted under the debris, children and youth started chasing the reptile but were not able to catch it. A 56 second video clip showing snake found under the house debris went viral on social media and got thousands of likes and shares within no time.
Mohammad Abdullah, a senior citizen of the area said, “We were busy with our routine work. At around 3 PM news broke about snake’s appearance in the colony; we first tried to rescue the children and elders.”
He said as soon as the snake was found people chased but failed to get hold of it. “Fortunately the snake did not bite anyone but we really got frightened as it was not a small snake usually found in Kashmir valley. It was arounf 7 feet long and could have created lot of casualties in the area,” he said.
A few days ago two snakes were found in Nawa Kadal area of Downtown.
An official at Jammu & Kashmir Wildlife Protection Department said there is no need to panic; these snakes might have come with the recent increase in the level of water bodies.
He said these snakes are non-poisonous and if found again people should contact the concerned department and a team will be available after 15-20 minutes.



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