One-way traffic

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One-way traffic

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the one-way traffic from Residency Road to Poloview which is totally ignored by some drivers. There is a barricade at the Residency Road where it links with the MA Road. Traffic cops are usually present during day time and they do stop drivers who try to take this route from the Residency Road. But in most evenings the street gets swollen with the traffic as vehicles coming from the opposite direction make it impossible for traffic to run smoothly. To make things worse there are those who halt their cars near Modern Sweets and Shakti Sweets to collect the orders or buy sweets. With little room for second vehicle the space is occupied by as many as three causing traffic to come to standstill. Traffic authorities must take a strong action against the wrongdoers. The parking near HDFC bank and in the Fair Deal Complex are also responsible for the problem as drivers of some vehicles parked while leaving take the opposite route with no cop to stop them. It should be stopped.   

Rayees Manzoor



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