On power crisis

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On power crisis

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the low voltage power supplied by the PDD in Kashmir. Everyone in Kashmir is furious over the approach of power department and its officials. Most people only see power cuts as the main issue in Kashmir in winters. But the main issue is low voltage supply which is stepped up by transformers in every home and which causes the load to increase. The PDD is fleecing consumers. It is charging a good sum for units consumed when the voltage is provided below 100 volts. As everyone must be familiar with, all our electric devices run on 220 volts. Without transformer, the electricity provided by PDD is useless. It cannot even light the filament of the bulb properly. We fail to understand that one what basis does the department keep on hiking the power fees. People of Kashmir must drag PDD to consumer court and file petitions in Lower and High Courts. Only courts can help us from the traps of PDD.

Shafiq Rather


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