Official apathy mars school functioning in Bandipora, authorities unmoved

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 The students at Government Middle School Chanapal in Aragam area of North Kashmir’s Bandipora district have ample time to play in absence of required teaching staff.

The school has only six teachers for over 290 students and parents blame Chief Education Officer for creating the “mess”.
Parents said their repeated requests didn’t receive any attention from the authorities in spite of knowing that lack of teachers has badly affected the teaching-learning process in the school.

“We have few classes and more play, how can we shape our future as the government has failed to provide us teachers, few teachers posted in the school are trying hard to give us education but they are unable to deal with the situation,” students said.

Government Middle School Chanapal is not the only school facing shortage of teachers, several other schools have dearth of subject teachers following the “recent chaotic transfer and rationalization process”.
Middle School Gujjar Patti Aragam have only five teachers for 67 students, similarly, Boys Primary School Chapkpora have four teachers for 42 students. Primary Schools at CB Payeen and Ganie Mohalla have three teachers for around 80 students each.

Most of schools in the district also have irregular teacher-student ratio, where some have surplus staff and some have very few teachers for large number of students.
Many parents in the district told Rising Kashmir that “every mess comes from CEO’s office where the departmental head has failed to deal with the situation in spite of receiving timely inputs form the public and subordinate staff”.

“Education department is run by few influential people and few clerks who feed an officer,” said a local Firdous Ahmed.

Besides parents and students who claimed of visiting the office of education department for the posting of teachers in many schools alleged official apathy which according to them have affected the education system

Holding top officials of education department responsible, the students said the higher-ups have turned mute.
“The recent transfer and rationalization process failed when most of the teachers refused to join the new place of posting, even CEO’s Office modified dozens of transfer and rationalization orders on Secretary's or DESK’s directions,” they said.

“Education Department is defunct here in Bandipora, officers issue one order in the morning and modify the same in afternoons on one or the other pretext,” said a parent, Muhammad Sayeed.

“This is the only department where an employee refuses officers’ orders, even force his officer to modify the order without caring for the poor students who for years are awaiting posting of teachers in many schools,” Sayeed said.

The dearth of teachers has almost crippled the functioning of various schools in the district and has forced students to stage protests on many occasions.

“Despite drawing a handsome salary and often demanding enhancement in their monthly salaries, these teachers are not doing justice to their job. There is lack of accountability in the education department,” said Ghulam Ahmad, a parent accompanying agitating students.

Due to the shortage of teachers, the existing staff has become overburdened as they are forced to take additional classes, with the result students not being taught properly.

Most of the schools in upper reaches of Quail and Bandipora Zone are also facing an acute shortage of teachers, as officers have failed to act against teachers who were transferred there and didn’t comply the orders.

According to the Right to Education Act, 2009, the teacher-pupil ratio should be 1: 30. But in most of the government schools in the district, it is impossible to maintain this ratio due to the shortage of teachers. In most of these schools, one teacher is handing around 60 students.

The parents in the area have sought Chief Ministers intervention in the matter.

When Contacted Deputy Commissioner Bandipora Khursheed Sanie said he will get all the details from the concerned CEO and ZEO so that grievances can be looked into.

“Problem would be solved within three days after getting details from the concerned CEO,” Sanie said.



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