National media sensationalising news to gain TRPs: JKAHUC

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Seeks intervention of GoI, state Govt

National media sensationalising news to gain TRPs: JKAHUC

Mansoor Peer


 Jammu and Kashmir Association of Hajj and Umrah Companies (JKAHUC) Saturday accused national media channels of “sensationalising news” and blindly linking it with “terror and terror funding” to gain Television Rating Points (TRPs).
Addressing a joint press conference in Srinagar, JKAHUC claimed that few days before random checking of Enforcement Directorate on the office of Alkhudam Hajj and Umrah service was sensationalized by national media channels and linked it with “terror funding” to gain TRPs.
“The recent inspection by Enforcement Directorate to verify records of the export company, Feroz Son Exports were deliberately linked with iconic Alkhudaam Hajj and Umrah Services to malign Hajj Pilgrimage and to create chaos among the minds of aspiring pilgrims,” Chairman JKAHUC, Rashid Mir said.
He said the Enforcement Directorate was doing its lawful duty of verifying records of Feroz Son Exports, the export company of which the prominent business Sheikh Feroz is a director.
Following the alleged misreporting by a section of National Media, the JKAHUC have sought intervention of Central and State government.
“Under Section 37 FEMA, the directorate has every right to undertake such procedures and we do not question that. But what remained shocking was how a section of national media sensationalized the news,” JKAHUC said.
The association said even though Sheikh Feroz Ahmad is director in both, Alkhuddam Haj and Umrah Services and Feroz Son Export, the two companies are separate and have nothing to do with each other.
“Alkhuddam deals with Hajj and Umrah Services, whereas Feroz Son Exports which deals with handicraft exports is a separate company and entity. Alkhuddam name was deliberately mentioned by a section of National Media out of sinister design,” the association said.
“Otherwise inspection by the directorate is a usual exercise which exporters have to undergo from time to time, across the country.”
It said Muslims have sentiments attached with the Pilgrimage, the association has appealed central and state government to advise media to report with sincerity and based on facts and avoid character assassination on account of false reporting.
The press conference was jointly addressed by the executive body of JKAHUC.
They reiterated that the State and Central Government should exempt Hajj and Umrah Travel from the purview of Service Tax as was before the application of Goods and Services Tax (GST).
The association also said that they have made necessary arrangements for the departure of Hajj Groups. The aspiring Pilgrims were assured that they are proceeding on their Holy Pilgrimage as per schedule. JKAHUC has wished all the aspiring Pilgrims a happy and satisfying Umrah and Hajj.


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