Missing exams

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Missing exams

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the appeals made by some students who have missed their exams recently and want to appear again without having to wait for months. The situation in Kashmir is known to everyone. There are areas in Kashmir that remain completely cutoff due to militancy related incidents and cordons of government forces. It is not possible to reach the examination centre when such situation prevails. The education authorities have been insisting on conducting the exams no matter what happens. Even in hartals students are told to appear in tests. For those whose examination centres are miles away, how can they reach the venues? Therefore authorities must show some laxity and allow students to sit in the exams again on dates once the final paper is over. This way students will not miss their academic year for no fault of theirs. It is a genuine appeal and we hope the education authorities will look into this matter.  

Adnan Malik  


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