Mentally challenged girl kidnaped, assaulted in Pulwama;residents demand punishment to guilty

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Mentally challenged girl kidnaped, assaulted in Pulwama;residents demand punishment to guilty



 Residents of PulwamaFriday afternoon gave an ultimatum to Jammu Kashmir police to apprehend the culprits involved in kidnapping and injuring a mentally unsound girl of Prichoo village or face public agitation.
Eyewitnesses told Rising Kashmir that announcements were made from different mosques in Pulwama town after Friday congregational prayers asking police to speed up investigation and arrest the criminals who injured a mentally challenged minor girl from adjoining Prichoo village after kidnapping her.
“Police were given eight days to book the culprits,” eyewitnesses said. They further said that residents warned to hit the streets if police fails to provide justice to the victim.
The father of the victim girl said that on February 19, her daughter was at Pulwama-Srinagar road in front of his house in Prichoo village when a criminal driving silver color Maruti car kidnapped her.
“The criminal has succeeded in luring my innocent daughter to board his car on his second attempt,” he said, adding that on the first occasion victim’s younger sister foiled the kidnapping attempt after she prevented her sister to board the car.
“My younger daughter took her back to home as a precautionary measure and then engaged herself with daily chores,” he said, adding that unfortunately the victim again went to the roadside where from she was kidnapped.
The father said that before moving into her house the younger sister of the victim had noted down the registration number of the vehicle.
Subsequently, the family members and neighbors started a hunt for tracing the missing girl and a complaint was filed in police station Pulwama
The father further said that“they handed registration number, JK0IK-3883 of the vehicle to police”.
A neighbor, Mohammad IqbalBhat, on19 February evening placed a missing notice of the girl with her photograph on various social networking sites and on next day morning at around 7: 00 am he received a phone call from Jhelum Valley College (JVC) in Srinagar and a doctor informed him that the girl was admitted in the hospital in an injured condition.
“The doctor told me that she was admitted in the hospital with serious wounds and fracture,” Bhat said.
Bhat also said that she has six stitches on head and a head bone has a fracture, which needs surgery. “The minor girl has bruises on face and forehead.”
He further informed that a knife was used to inflict injuries to her but the intent behind kidnapping and injuring couldn’t be known “as no investigations were carried out”.
“The girl has been traumatized by this incident. She runs to a corner of her room and cries that uncle has come to kill her. She repeatedly says that she was assaulted with a knife,” family of the girl said.
The family members accuse police of hushing up the matter as an accident and alleged that“police has arrested four drivers not involved with this case”.
Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP)Pulwamasaid police has seized the vehicle and arrested the accused driver.
“We are checking mobile to know whether he was in the town on that day or not,” he said.
When he was told that family members of the victim accuse police of hushing the case as an accident he said that“these things are a matter of investigation”.
“Police is investigating the case and whatever be the truth that will be brought out,” he said.


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