Lok Adalat settles 730 cases in Shopian

Published at November 10, 2017 12:20 AM 0Comment(s)2853views


A Lok Adalat was held at district court complex Shopian under the chairmanship of Ashok Kumar Shavan Chairman District Legal Service Authority.
During the proceedings, five benches were constituted for taking up cases of matrimonial disputes, land acquisition, criminal compoundable, electricity bills, bank recovery, etc.
Total 810 cases were taken up, of which 730 cases were disposed of through reconciliation and arbitration. An amount of Rs 4263802 was realised as bank recoveries while an amount of Rs 313250 was awarded in motor vehicle accident claims by settling 10 cases. For petty offences, an amount of Rs 6262200 was realized.
Bar members, litigants, staff members, District Officers of District Administration and prominent citizens attended the Lok Adalat.



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