LMD books bakery shop

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Prompted by a complaint lodged by a respectable citizen of a Srinagar city, against a bakery shop, for pre-packing biscuits short in net contents, the field executives of Legal Metrology under the supervision of senior officers inspected the premises of the bakery shop.
During the inspection, it was found that one Kg biscuits were found short by about 100g.Morerover the digital scale used at the premises was found defective. The challan case was made against the bakery shop for the short-weighment and the notice was served to the Manager of the firm. Under Legal Metrology laws, the label on the packed product must carry the mandatory declaration Net Quantity. The department also received a complaint against a Petrol Pump for short-delivery in the Zewan area. When the surprise inspection was conducted and all the dispensing units installed in the fuel station were checked for accuracy but none of the dispensing unit was found short or defective. The consumers are requested to check the delivery of the petrol pump himself in case they doubt the short-measurement. The 5 Litre conical measures remains available at every fuel station for the purpose. A nominal quantity up to 25 ml is permissible error in 5 L in excess or deficiency.


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