Lack of radioactive medicine, forcing SKIMS to turn away patients

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Many private diagnostic centres have pre-test radioactive medicine while SKIMS have failed to procure it:patients

M T Rasool


 In absence of radioactive medicines, the Valley's premier Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, Srinagar is forcing patients to look for other means from the last seven months.
Patients running from pillar to post in need of nuclear scans accuse SKIMS authorities of not procuring the medicines.
From January 2017 scores of patients are visiting SKIMS to get the cardio MIBI scan done after proper appointment but authorities have failed to arrange the requisite nuclear medicines besides passing seven months. However, same medicine according to patients is available at private diagnostic service provider putting a question mark on the administrative efficiency in SKIMS.
According to patients, the cardio MIBI test requires radio Technetium as pre-test medicine which is not available in the institute.
They said besides registering for the test at the institute authorities failed to administer the pre-test medicine as they have failed to procure same from last seven months.
The radioactive substance, technetium 99m, is used for nuclear scans for multiple conditions including cancer, heart and kidney issues. The substance is given to a patient undergoing a scan to detect lesions and other abnormalities in organs which are scanned. It is amongst the widely used substances in nuclear imaging and its short supply had been forcing hospitals to turn away patients.
Muhammad Asadullah Shah a patient (ID 453704) had registered himself in cardiology unit of SKIMS to get the MIBI scan done but since seven months he was forced to get three consecutive appointments but not the test.
“I am visiting SKIMS since 22 February for the cardio MIBI scan but without any result, as nobody cares for us,”Asadullah Shah said.
“Since seven months I was informed that pre-test medicine radioactive Technetium is not available, “Shah said, adding SKIMS authorities failed to respond satisfactorily on inquiring about the non-availability of medicine”
Even patients were forced to buy many tests requisites like Pipe, ECG button, adhesive rolls from the market, they said.
Affected patients told Rising Kashmir that Director SKIMS failed to procure medicine besides repeated assurance.
“We visited Director, SKIMS who assured timely procurement but failed so far,” They said.
The authorities in SKIMS denied tests to patients after four months of their registration.
“After moving from pillar to post authorities in concerned section denied tests to us saying medicine is not available,” They said.
The officials in the cardiology unit of SKIMS said that the procurement of radioactive was halted in February after the central government changed the regulations. However same medicines are available in the private diagnosis service providers.
“Many private diagnostic service providers administer pre-test radioactive medicine while SKIMS authorities have failed to procure same, “a patient said
“I was informed by an insider in SKIMS about the availability of the medicine in the market but that cost much,” He said.
Meanwhile affected patients have appealed government to look into the matter so that precious lives can be saved.
Authoritative sources in SKIMS in privy told Rising Kashmir that procedure for procurement was rescheduled besides regulations were reframed which has affected the patients”
He said that Drug Controller General of India issued orders in February that required importers of generators to send samples to government facilities like Bhabha Atomic Research Centre for testing and obtaining NOC. He said from last few months the importers have stopped procuring the generators citing an inability to comply with the changed rules.
The authorities have then given a 45-day window to comply with the norms but the state is affecting in absence of new direction from the DCG of India and central government.




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