‘Kuch Bheege Alfaaz’ movie was a dream debut: Kashmiri actor Zain

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‘Kuch Bheege Alfaaz’ movie was a dream debut: Kashmiri actor Zain

Musaib Mehraj


 Kashmiri actor Zain Khan Durrani who recently made his debut in a Bollywood movie ‘Kuch Bheege Alfaaz’ considers his debut a dream come true.
“The opportunity to use Amir Khan’s super hit song Pehla Nasha in my debut film is a dream come true and now I can sense my dreams turning into a reality,” said Zain, the lead actor in Onir’s latest directorial ‘Kuch Bheege Alfaaz’.
Zain worked for three years as an assistant to Onir’s production and finally bagged the role of a lead actor in an outright romantic movie.
“It’s been a process of three years in Mumbai. I came to Mumbai in 2014 when a random audition call landed me at the auditions of Onir’s ‘Shab’ in Delhi,” he said.
“Onir liked my work and asked me to assist him for ‘Shab’. After that he always wanted me to do the role of a lead actor and fortunately I got the chance and grabbed it.”
The movie released on 16th February 2018 is all about the love story on a social media and how a technology becomes an indispensible part of their lives.
The film is a breezy romance between two people who are poles apart yet bound with the pain which they prefer not to share with the world.
Kashmir has produced few actors in the past, the Dangal fame Zaira Wasim is one of them and actors like Zain and Zaira are a beacon of hope for the youth in J&K who want to pursue their career in and entertainment and film industry.
However Zain feels that having being brought up in a conflict zone, it’s tough for an individual to cope and concentrate on his goals and ambitions.
“The worst part about growing in Kashmir is that you get used to live within a conflict based region and it forces one to think about the violence and other things,” Zain said.
Zain is satisfied with his performance in debut film and hopes to entertain people through many such films in the coming future.
“I want to be able to do a variety of roles. Content is all what matters and this thing excites me. In future I hope that I will be to entertain people through my performance,” he said.



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