Kind words

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Kind words

Dear Editor,

A good listener can become wise and knowledgeable. Words are silver but silence is golden. We must not throw around our words unnecessarily. Allah has given the gift of speech only to human beings. So we must know how to talk, when to talk and what to talk. Speak a word only if it passes three gates – one, are these words true; 2, are these words kind; 3, are the words necessary. It is well said that we must think thrice before speaking a word. Never speak ill of other and no back biting as it is prohibited in our religion and it is one of the biggest sins. Always speak the truth. Wear a smile on your face. Avoid swearing. When you speak to anyone give due respect to his age, religion, status and relationship. Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated. Try your best to serve the humanity. Use kind words because it wins broken hearts.

Shariq Maqbool Ganie

Mandujan Shopian


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