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Kashmir witnessing gross HR abuses under Delhi’s colonial rule: KCSDS

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Riyaz Bhat


Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) on lashed government of India for giving impunity to the forces—alleging that “Kashmir is witnessing gross HR abuses under Delhi’s colonial rule.”
Speaking at an conference, ‘Valley Drenched in Valley’, organized by Chairman of International Forum of Justice (IFJ) Untoo here, Chairperson, KCSDS, Hameeda Nayeem said, “Kashmir is not only the rule but a colonial system where the forces are not only killing and thrashing the civilians but are crushing the economy, culture and social life so that the people will bow down and surrender.” “The massive human rights violations take places in a colonial system which is going on in the Valley, these are the crime against humanity and other levels.”
She alleged that “forces are mismarking the whole locality in the name of killing or arresting the combatants.” “This is an attack on humanity which is called crimes against humanity as the forces don’t think once before committing the violations of human rights by vandalising the property. The violation of human rights takes places also when the forces make many innocent civilians shelter-less.”
She said that the “Governor rather than looking after the day to day governance issue has started ruling over here and is bringing radical changes in institutes and is disempowering the Kashmiri’s which is also a human rights violation.”
Senior advocate and former BAR President Zaffar Qureshi on the occasion said, “So far as resolutions of United Nations (UN), we (Kashmiri) are fighting for the right to self-determination. Since 1950’s the generations have started hitting the streets for the rights which were promised as per UN resolution to Kashmir.”
The armed struggle for the Kashmir issue started in the year 1990, Qureshi said adding, “I have been to jails of Jammu in the year 1990 and I have seen the plight of the prisoners who were brought like animals in central jail Jammu.”
He said, “The situation in Kashmir has worsened after 2010; the situation has deteriorated as far as human rights violation is concerned.”
Qureshi also said that the only thing I can say is that some of these violations are reported and the maximum of the violations of human rights remain unreported.
One of the civil society member Shakeel Qalander on the occasion said, “This is an incremental genocide because the forces on the excuse of killing or arresting a militant are committing massive human right violations which need to be made accountable to stop such violence’s.”
On the occasion, Untoo released the report of his petitions filed in State Human Rights Commission (SHRC).
Untoo said, “103 civilians were killed from December 10, 2018 to December 2018 out of which 40 civilians were killed near encounter sites.”
He said that among the total civilians killed, 08 were ladies, 07 were political activists, 02 were mentally challenged, 24 were protesters, 02 were mowed down by armour vehicles and 18 were killed by unknown gunmen.” He also said that 118 government forces and 238 militants were also killed in these months.


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