Kashmir is a political issue: Mehbooba

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‘Picking gun is no shortcut to paradise’
Asks clerics to desist from preaching Jihad in mosques

Kashmir is a political issue: Mehbooba

Sameer Showkin Lone/Mir Baseerat


Asking religious leaders to desist from preaching Jihad in mosques, Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti, Sunday said that Kashmir is a political issue and it has nothing to do with any particular religion.
Mehbooba said that there is no shortcut to heaven and “picking up a gun will not take anyone to paradise”.
“Those who pick up gun and kill people that will not take them to paradise through any shortcut route. Paradise lies beneath the feet of parents. The youths who help and respect their parents, do good deeds will find place in paradise,” Mehbooba said while addressing a gathering of religious clerics at function here which was organised by J&K Muslim WAKF Board.
Clad in a green gown and flanked by a huge gathering of religious leaders, , Mehbooba said that “green is a colour of Islam, so all should spread greenery by planting more and more trees.”
“Green colour is a colour of Islam. It is our faith. When we hold green flag in hands, it means we want peace. Green is a flag of peace. It is a symbol of our party as well. We would have taken white flag in our hands, but people would say that they have surrendered. So we have taken green, the colour of Islam,” said Mehbooba.
Earlier CM planted a sapling in the lawns of banquet hall to formally inaugurate the plantation drive of WAKF Board under the name Sheikh-ul-Aalam Conservation Campaign. On the occasion, Mehbooba also unveiled the insignia of WAKF Board.
Calling the ulemas associated with the WAKF Board as the ambassadors of peace, she asked them stop preaching Jihad in mosques. “Talk sensibly in mosques. If I want my children should go to school, I should not preach Jihad for others. Both religious and worldly education is must in today’s world,” Mehbooba added.
Mehbooba said “if the need arises they would give computers, laptops to the Ulemas to be used at schools and seminaries.”
“The clapping and cheering is not sin as some religious leaders preach,”said Mehbooba, that the “sin is corruption and other evil deeds.
“Some people say cheering is a sin, but it is not. Even singing is not a sin. Prophet (SAW) used to go for horse riding/race and even for swimming. In those day had there been computers, the revered Prophet (SAW) would have used the technology as well,” she said.
Mehbooba asked the Ulemas to guide the people on right path. “There are no shortcuts to paradise. Picking gun won't take anyone to paradise. The paradise lies beneath the feet of parents," she said, adding, Kashmir is a political issue and not a religious one.
She said the leader is the one who leads the people at front and takes them to the right path. “As a leader we should take people to the right path. We should not follow people if they are on the wrong path, instead we should lead them towards the right direction,” Mehbooba said.
CM said that she belongs to a family of religious preachers who have served Islam. “We have forgotten Islam...we don’t support people who take us towards good deeds,” she added.
Earlier, some religious clerics, while speaking on the occasion, demanded that the WAKF Board needs a “complete overhaul to streamline the system” and sought hike in the salary of employees who look after shrines and other religious places.
“The meagre salary at times forces some employees to be dishonest,” said Moulana Mushtaq Ahmad, a religious cleric. He said the vicinity around Malkha in Old City, which houses some shrines, has become a hub of immoral practices. “We need to rise and stop all such activities,” he said.
The Chief Minister said that she would look into all the grievances and other salary related issues of WAKF employees and stated that she wanted all the “encroached land of WAKF retrieved” sooner than later.
Vice Chairman WAKF Board and PDP leader Nizammudin Bhat, in his speech, said that four elements of WAKF Board are important—Imam (cleric), employee (who is lowest paid), shrine and education.
He said the teachers and students of WAKF schools will now have a uniform that will give them an identity.
Bhat said that the most troubled person in the state is none other than Mehbooba Mufti, who day in and day out only thinks of one thing “how to take the state out of this violent turbulence of death and destruction.”




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