Kashmir Ink expects breather in upcoming Budget

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Kashmir Ink expects breather in upcoming Budget

Sabreen Ashraf

Srinagar, Dec 05:

 The trade and business bodies in Kashmir are hoping that the upcoming Budget would offer a good package to tourism players and travel agents to help revitalize tourism in Kashmir Valley.
Federation Chamber of Industries Kashmir (FCIK) President, Ashraf Mir on Wednesday said that there is no negative thinking about the budget this time.
“Earlier the traders were hoping for concessions in taxes. But, now the state has no power as GST has been already implemented here,” Mir said.
He said earlier the budget presented by the former Financial Minister was neither applied by the former government nor by the governor.
The FCIK president said that everything was going well, “so this budget also will be good.”

“Since there is no popular government, ultimately the budget will be also different from previous budgets,” he said.
Mir said that most probably the pre-budget meeting will be held on December 8.
He said that they will thrust on all commitments which were already made by the earlier government and not fulfilled till date.
Former Chairman of Travel Agents Associations of India (TAAI) Jammu and Kashmir Chapter, Shamim Shah said that the budget should come up with incentives and some good packages for the tourism industry.
“From all quarters, people are suffering so the government has to come with some breather for the fraternity,” he said.
The TAAI chairman said that the things which are announced in the earlier budget were not implemented till date.

He said that the upcoming budget should also take care of the travel agents and tourism industry if the government wants to revive tourism in the valley.
Shah said that Advisors to Governor should take stock of things on the ground.
“To boost tourism industry they have to come up with soft loans and make electricity mandatory in hotels and houseboats. Tourism is becoming sick if the situation is not handled in a good way,” he said.
He said that they have requested the government to take up the issues so that tourism is revitalized in the valley.
President KCC&I, Sheikh Aashiq Ahmad said that they have bitter experience in the implementations of the budget but this time they are expecting better situation than the previous ones.
“We are also hoping that announcement of the budget will be on time and will also be implemented on time so that every sector will be revived next year,” Ahmad said.

He said that there were a lot of announcements in the previous budget but never implemented.
“We are hoping not just announcement will arise like the previous year,” he said.


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