Kangri sales pick up as temperature dips

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Kangri sales pick up as temperature dips

Rabiya Bashir

Srinagar, Nov 8:

 With the dip in temperatures coupled with unscheduled power cuts, the sale of Kangris (traditional earthen fire pots) has picked up in the valley.
Ali Mohammad, a Kangri seller, Srinagar’s downtown area said he had sold over 100 Kangris during last one week.
As electricity in the Valley is playing hide and seek in Valley, Kangri has still remained the best option when modern heating gadgets are flooding the markets.
Different varieties of Kangris are available in the market.
Among which Bandipora and Char-re-Sharif Kangris are famous. “Kangris made in Bandipora have more demand. These Kangris are costly because of its quality twigs,” said Mohammad Yousuf, a Kangri seller at Bohri Kadal.
He said that he had sold 70 Kangris in a week.
“We are using different twigs ranging from low to high quality to weave Kangri. We also take orders from customers for designed Kangris as well,” he said.
The Kangris go from Rs 200 to Rs 300 or more but one having rich earthen pots from Char-re-Sharif and Bandipora go from Rs 400 to Rs 700 in the market.
The usage of Kangri has gone down in few years mainly due to the introduction of modern gadgetry. “But now people have realized that traditional mode of heating is more reliable and cheaper as compared the gadgets that require LPG or electricity,” said one of the customers who was buying Kangris at one of the stalls at Batamaloo Srinagar.
Kangri sellers said despite introduction of modern gadgets, Kangri still holds its position in the market.
“It is the source of livelihood for hundreds of families affiliated with this trade in Kashmir. In summer, I do different business, but as winter approaches, I sell Kangris,” said Wajid Mir, a seller from Budgam, who has kept his stall at Batamaloo.
According to Mir, he makes good money out of it in winters.
Ghulam Hassan, a resident of Rainawari said he finds Kangri most comfortable and affordable. “We cannot wait for the electricity to warm ourselves. There are some people like me who can’t afford gas heaters and heavy electrical appliances. Increased price of gas cylinders are already troubling poor people like me,” he said.



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