Internet shutdown

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Internet shutdown

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the new report titled “JK witnesses highest internet shutdowns in India in 7 years” published in Rising Kashmir on December 5. One cannot expect a humane treatment from the government that is hell-bent to work on “RSS agenda”. In the last seven years, almost four years were of PDP-BJP rule where the government’s only concern was to kill as many militants as it can. Killing militants or shutting internet down, CASOs, curfews, pellets and restrictions will not change anything in Kashmir. People of Kashmir has shown the government that it is not possible to kill the political sentiment by any means. The army chief has made himself a laughing stock after stating that they can use drones in Kashmir. Why doesn’t the army chief openly declare to the people of India that Army and government are at war with the people of Kashmir, the so-called “integral part of India”? Internet shutdown aside, even if they bring tanks, choppers and fighter jets, the sentiment will still not be destroyed. For war-mongering Kashmiris will soon knock the door of International Court of Justice.

Altaf Shah   


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