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Dear Editor,

This is regarding the interlocutor Dinesh sharma, who is on five days visit to meet the people in order to look out for a "sustainable solution" to the long pending Kashmir issue. Whenever such interlocutors are appointed people in Kashmir valley pin their hopes for a solution to the Kashmir issue. But every time they are disappointed as nothing concrete or practical happens. One may ask as where are the reports submitted by the former interlocutors who visited Kashmir and claimed to look out for the solution. Why there is always an interlocutor not a facilitator instead who should have assigned the job of facilitating the gaps between different sections of society in Kashmir? There is a complete trust deficit between such interlocutors and common masses and that's why such visits hardly bear fruitful results. The involvement of common people is mandatory to look out for a positive and possible solution to the grave issue of Kashmir. We have seen enough of injustice and political apathy and it’s high time to let us live with dignity and in peace. The young generation of Kashmir wants peace to prevail and they should be given an opportunity to have their say. Dineshwar Sharma must ensure that he apprises the government of India with the facts he finds in Kashmir. He must understand common people of Kashmir and this is only possible when he meets them on ground. Otherwise like other interlocutors in past, he might have to leave without achieving anything.

Kifayat Hussainee


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