Importance of water in modern socio-culture order

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Book: Water, Polity and Kashmir

Author: Rao Farman Ali

Publisher: Gulshan Books Srinagar

ISBN No: 9788183395762


Pages: 401

Importance of water in modern socio-culture order

Muhammad Rizwan

The authorRao Farman Ali is one of the pioneers of conflict research in Kashmir with several years of experience as a journalist and social entrepreneur in the field of Kashmir studies with its social aspects; like emergence of new batch of orphans, which took birth as a result of conflict.

His books are of repute and well received in the field of policymaking, academia, and politics and added to the body of knowledge in the field of Kashmir studies, essentially to the field of social science research.

Several previous books of the same author like“Kashmir Under The Shadow Of Gun”, “Kashmir: Orphans, Nurture And Challenges”, “History Of Armed Struggles In Kashmir” etc are the books which have added a new discourse to the Kashmir conflict.

The author presented several papers at international conferences pertaining to Kashmir especially the ‘Trial And Error Model’ giving set of solutions to Kashmir tangle and the model was well received by various think-tank groups working on Kashmir.

His new book “Water, Polity And Kashmir”is not a mere alarmist call but touches the important contours of Kashmir like politics behind water and the importance of Kashmir solution, demanding the participation of the people in broader phase of development, which ought to involve the people of Jammu Kashmir and give them the share of the resources which are at the disposal of the people who don’t own them.

The new hydro-politics with emphasis of the generation of electricity and fields being watered owe to the people to pay in return in terms of the compensation to reward the Kashmiris for the eco- damage being done.

The book is filled with details like how important water is as a resource more especially when being used inexorably without taking into consideration how important water is for the lives of common people in a situation when all around big river systems of the world are unreservedly polluted and are about to suffer from the fate of becoming biologically dead.

So, in the book the reemphasis is put on the importance of the water in modern socio-culture order principally its scarcity.

The book is full of technical details with appropriate use of statistical data which substantiates the central thesis of the book and the use of Game Theory in solving the conflicts’ which are of macro- nature.

However, the same technical reinforcements which are the strength of the book shall restrict the readership of the book because the specialisation sometimes takes the toll on the readership as it puts a lay reader into a challenging situation.

The important aspect of the account is the practical implications in the field of Kashmir conflict including the water distribution.

The book proffers sets about the easing of the conflicts, equally rejects teasing-off approach, so the book is a good read.


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