Illuminating the state

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Illuminating the state

There has been a mixed response to the recent developments aimed at improving essential services in Srinagar city. In the heart of the city, Lal Chowk area, the installation of street lights together with the beautifying drive of the government where in they have added psychedelic effect to chinar with lighting strips has caught the attention of the citizens. It has certainly given the evenings warm, colorful and vibrant touches – all attributes of youthful energy and character. The fountains have also been decked, work on drainage and parking lots are at full throttle. However, most of that vibrant energy still runs on power or electricity which is a great thing if government manages to provide the uninterrupted supply. That is mostly city’s routine facelift barring the work on the new multi-storey mechanized parking. In essential service, the power authority for last several months has been installing new meters and laying new power cables to change the old decrepit electricity network. It has been a mixed response because in many areas people are said to be resisting and opposing the installation of new meters. While one section of people blame the officials and those responsible for power pilferage to be spreading false rumours about the new meters and upgraded system, yet other sections has been accusing the power department and government of fleecing consumers by making them pay more with new meters. It is a fact that many parts of the city have slowly transformed from residential areas to commercial areas. Homes have been turned into hotels, rented places and office buildings. While the owners have been minting money they also have been refusing to pay more for extra consumption of essentials like power and water. This has led to power theft with the officials involved in the pilferage. With the installation of new meters many such owners fear that they would have to pay more legally than they used to by illegal methods. As such rumours have been dished out for the consumption of public or oblivious masses to thwart the move. The government must take stock of the situation and activate the enforcement agencies to identify the culprits and clear all misconceptions. Electricity is a major concern not only in one or two cities but the entire state. As government and authorities attempt revamping the distribution network and illuminating the state, literally, they should also keep an eye on the offenders whose every effort is to defeat the process.            


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