Illegal construction

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Illegal construction

Dear Editor,

For last one and a half month we, the residents of Jawahar Nagar, have been trying to raise the issue of illegal structure coming up in our locality as a women centre of a bank. So far no action has been taken on the issue by the authorities. The structure has no approval from the Municipality and has no parking space to spare. This structure will become a menace to the people residing here and will cause frequent traffic jams. As such we the residents want the plan to be immediately dropped as the branch centre and an alternate place must be assigned to the same. Moreover they do not have any permission to use this building for commercial use. Since no action has been taken, we will approach J&K High Court for a stay and sealing of the structure for flouting the building rules. It is in line with the High Court order that no building without adequate parking space shall be allowed to operate in the valley.


Jawahar Nagar


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