Hug Not Hate: RJ Vijdan hugs RJ Nasir

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Hug Not Hate: RJ Vijdan hugs RJ Nasir

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Inspired by Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s gesture, hugging Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a Parliamentary session, Srinagar based radio jockey from Mirchi 98.3 Vijdan drove to 92.7 BIG FM radio station to hug his counterpart RJ Nasir at his office.

Being awestruck, BIG 92.7 FMs RJ Nasir reciprocated by welcoming Vijdan in his office and the jocks later shared a video on their respective social media profiles which was well received by netizens.

Vijdan said: “The idea is to grow beyond competition. We are not enemies. We do radio and share a healthy competition which helps us bring out the best in ourselves work at our individual workplaces.”

Calling it a heart-warming gesture, Rj Nasir, shared a picture of him hugging Vijdan, saying: “This guy came all the way to my office to give me a hug and I do believe he is the best amongst the current lot of radio jockeys.”

Mirchi 98.3 FM, which recently started its operations in Kashmir, is calling the trend ‘Mirchi Hug de India’

Associate Vice-President at Radio Mirchi Nitin Gupta told Rising Kashmir that: “We have never seen such kind of a gesture in a long time and when we talk about media, people think that two radio stations are enemies.

“So when an opposition leader hugged the prime minister, we saw this as an opportunity and took a cue from it.

“We don’t see our competitors as our enemies. We all do radio and we at the end of the day work to entertain listeners and that’s what binds us together.

“So #mirchihugdeindia was a gesture to celebrate that togetherness,” Gupta said.


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