Hemophilia patients’ lives in danger due to non-availability of drugs

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Medicines will be made available soon as rate contract finalized: Principal GMC

Hemophilia patients’ lives in danger due to non-availability of drugs

Mansoor Peer

Srinagar, Aug 15:

Around 300 hemophilia patients’ lives are in danger and have a risk of contracting deadly diseases due to the non-availability of drugs for the past two months at SMHS hospital here.
Patients said that due to the non-availability of factor VIII, most commonly needed for such patients at the hospital’s Hemophilia Day Care Centre (HDCC) they are at risk of contracting diseases including hepatitis B and C.
Hitting at the authorities, president, Hemophilia Society of Kashmir, Syed Majid Qadri said that concerned authorities have failed to come up with a policy for hemophilia patients due to which they are suffering.
He said authorities at Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar and SMHS hospital are keen to get anti-hemophilic drugs but the staff at the hospital, are not serious about acquiring antihemophilic factor (Factor VIII).
“The officials posted in Accounts Section of SMHS Hospital are misleading authorities by projecting the unavailability of funds as an excuse, thereby putting patient lives at risk,” said Qadri.
“The hospital should have arranged the drugs just on receipt of authorization for utilization of 25% funds for the financial year 2018-19.”
Qadri said another lacuna which is grave in nature is that the hospital hasn’t been able to project its demand for anti-hemophilic drugs to Jammu and Kashmir Medical Supplies Corporation Limited (JKMSCL) which has been asking for the same for the last more than a month now.
“Authorities at the helm of affairs are not able to work out the demand for anti-hemophilic drugs but have created a mess concerning drafting of demand of the medicines on the pretext of availability of funds,” he said.
Qadri who is also a victim of hemophilia, alleged that two months have passed neither the demand has been sent to JKMSCL nor the drugs have been made available to save patients from further miseries.
He appealed Governor NN Vohra to come to rescue of patients and issue instructions to the hospital authorities so that medicines are made available at the earliest.
Hemophilia, a medical condition in which the ability of the blood to clot is severely reduced and there is a deficiency or lack of clotting factor.
A doctor at SMHS hospital’s Hemophilia Day Care Centre (HDCC) said the incidence of hemophilia in Jammu and Kashmir is one per 10,000.
“There are 290 registered patients (276 males and 14 females) with the centre; the only facility for such patients, but it continues to face official apathy,” said the doctor.
For treatment, hemophiliacs need factor 7, 8 or 9. Factor 8—commonly needed—costs a minimum of Rs 12 per unit and a child above 15 years needs at least 4,000 factors for a wound.
It indicates that a victim will have to spend a minimum of Rs 48,000 for the factors alone. The larger the wound, the higher the need for factors.
Principal GMC Srinagar, Dr Samia Rashid said that the rate contract with JKMSCL has been finalized now and the drugs will be made available soon.
“There was an issue. We have written to the corporation for the procurement of the anti-hemophilia medicines,” she said.
In 2011, the J&K High Court had directed the health department to keep the factor available for 24 hours in the hospital. But unfortunately, in complete disregard of the Court directions, the anti-haemophilia factor remains unavailable.



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